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Problems w/New Prime Z370-A Build! Help!

Level 7
This past Sunday, I purchased the parts for a new Coffee Lake build:

Prime Z370-A
32GB Crucial Ballistix Sport LT DDR4-2400
Core i7-8700K
Thermaltake Smart 850W Modular PSU
32GB Optane module
1TB Samsung 960 EVO

The following parts were carried over from my previous system:

4TB Toshiba X300 hard drives x2
PNY GeForce GTX960
LG WH16NS40 Blu-Ray burner
Corsair Graphite 230T case
Cooler Master Hyper-212 EVO

The build went off without incident, the system powered up and I installed Windows 10 Pro. It ran perfectly for an hour, but then a bad Windows Insider build corrupted things, and when I went to reboot to do a clean reinstall, then came the random BSODs and GSODs saying things like "IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL," "KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED," and so forth. I couldn't even boot into the Windows 10 DVD or a thumb drive to do the reinstall without getting those errors.

I returned the board and memory and exchanged them for new models. The same thing happened with the replacements, and so today, I found out that the Crucial RAM was not on ASUS' QVL, so I exchanged it for some Kingston HyperX Fury RAM that was. Again, nothing but random BSOD's and GSOD's.

I am at a loss to explain any of this. The DVD boots just fine on my laptop, and the thumb drive works as well, but the Coffee Lake build won't even run Linux from a live drive. The only thing I haven't done is return the CPU, because I'm pretty sure that if it was the CPU, the system wouldn't even POST.

I have never had these many issues with a build before, not even with my first one. I'm really hoping to avoid having to pay someone to look at it because it's already cost me close to two grand already. So I'm hoping someone here would be able to give me some insight.

I don't have pics of the BIOS screens yet, as I would have to use my phone, but I could snap them and include them later, if it would help...

I've been ahving this same issue since the end of January. I swapped the RAM and that helped for a while, but then it started happening again. I read through this entire thread and it sounded like it turned out to be your CPU, but did you leave the Overclocking at normal after this?