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problemes with boot menu set up

Level 7
I just build a new computer with asus rog maximus and intel 9900k,computer is lightly OC to run at 4.8 ghz and it is working fine
but my problem is that I dont get a boot menu with both disk they are samsung 970 evopluss,both disks can bee seen in disk manager .but not in bios.I only get one disk.I have csm in enable,and have boot option 1 in uefi and legacy,other boot options in legacy if I look in biosin easy mode only 1 disk showes up
What is the right settings in boot meny uefi only or uefi and legacy or only legacy in boot option 2-3-4 and schould it be nessesary to have cms in enable?
Have been working 10 days to get it right but sofare no luck
I need som help on this after watching you tube and reading the manual 50 times.