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Probably broke something

Level 9
I just delidded my 7700k on my MIXH and changed out the fluid while I was at it. When I turned it on it was only on for 10-15 seconds then shut off and won't respond to the power button. I hooked the psu up to an old motherboard outside of the case and the psu turns on. Three possible issues I can think of. 1. Water got on something but I didn't see any problems. 2. one of the washers holding on cpu block is still wedged inside mb somewhere, I thought they were plastic so I wasn't worried but found one and they are infact metal, there's one or two unaccounted for. 3. cpu cracked or burned up, I went for a naked die and it may have broke or wasn't making good contact with block.


Hey klute_Onren

Sorry to hear it didn't go well and it's hard to say what's wrong but it could be your waterblock isn't making good contact with the die. Here is the guy at Hardocp I was telling you about, he has trouble getting his pc going too.

And the follow up.

Oh I know what it is, I have the system apart. No contact between cpu and block at all.

Looking at getting a g4560 and see what that can do for a while and wait on getting another 7700k.

Doing some research on coffee lake to see if it'll fit in my system, then just get a HT pentium and push it as hard as I can for ****s and gig's while I wait on it to come out.

If you didn't damage your 7700k it should still be ok, it could have just been hitting the shut off point with no contact.

Can you post us a picture of your cpu ?

No, it's dead, that or the mb is dead. Put the IHS back on and put the block back on and it won't boot. I'm 95% certain it's a dead cpu and not mb

I've got a pentium g4560 in the mail now and I'll bclk it until it breaks while I wait to make some more money this summer and hopefully wait on a coffee lake or reduced price 7700k

Does the motherboard give you a q-code?

Any signs of life at all ?

Let us know if it fires up with the G4560.

Level 13
Im not even gonna say it........:p

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, I'm not sure about the former” ~ Albert Einstein

Oh I'm 99% sure it's dead, I put the IHS back on and tried to boot it up with just the block on and nothing. Today when I took it apart it looked like maybe the cpu wasn't held in all the way but I'm not gonna mess with it. With a very very small amount of luck it simply fell out of the socket and lost contact before cooking but that's a one in a million shot.

I just got my G4560 installed and I'm on the system now. I went into the BIOS real fast and found that I can infact set the multi on the cache which will make it way easier to bclk. I'm gonna start a log in the tweaking section so I have a history of what I've done and for the amusement of others. Probably the only custom cooled G4560 in a high end Z270 board lol. I'm actually rather excited about this thing, can't wait to start testing.