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Level 7

I just bought a Z790-P Wifi , I'm using the M2 slots A and B (referring to manual layout) (Page 1-10)

Also I have connected the 4 SATA cables to the MB, in the manual there is no reference to limitations or disconnections of SATA while using some M2 ports( I had a B450 Aorus PRO before and the manual have a table that indicates which SATA port where disabled if you use some M2 slot

The main problem is that after installing all my build and finally turned on the PC , the MB was detecting the SSD with the OLD SO ( it showed a problem that it need a fix so i end up formatting the SO ) and then It didnt detect the SSD where the OLD SO was and I end up using another SSD with less storage.


Can someone please explain if there is a limitation while using M2 slots and which's SATA's are disabled if thats the case


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Manual : 

My best regards and appreciation to whoever can suggest anything,



Level 8

The manual for the ASUS PRIME Z790-P WIFI motherboard does not provide specific information about SATA port limitations or disconnections when using M.2 slots A and B. However, it's generally expected that using these M.2 slots should not disable any of the SATA ports. If you are experiencing issues with SSD recognition, consider checking BIOS settings, verifying SSD installation, updating BIOS, confirming SATA connections, checking drive recognition in your operating system, and resetting CMOS if necessary.

Hope this helps. 

Level 7

If your SSD isn't being recognized, check the BIOS settings, check the SSD settings, update the BIOS, make sure the SATA cable is connected, and check the drive recognition in your operating system.

Where can i check the BIOS version of my MB?  in B450 Aorus PRO you could download a software from gigabyte that will tell your current version