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Possible faulty Z390F MOBO. Need Advice!

Level 7
Okay, so recently i finished a new build.
However it didn't boot: when i flipped the switch on the PSU my computer instantly started booting and yellow, dram light on MOBO stayed lit.

i7 9700K, G.skill 32gb (2x16), Corsair HX750i, Asus rog strix z390-F

I took my base components (PSU, motherboard, cpu and memory) to the shop.
The next day, they told me that the problem was with the PSU, and that they could boot up to bios with a different PSU (they even showed me a picture of it working).
So i received my new PSU today (Corsair HX750i)
Connected only the base components (MOBO, PSU, CPU, MEMORY), and my computer still won't boot.

When i connect the PSU to the power outlet, the motherboards RGBs light up (this is a bit strange), but at least my computer doesn't boot instantly like before.
then i click the switch on my case, fans spin up, my memory sticks (tried only with 1 and both) still won't light up, and my motherboards onboard boot displays have a constant yellow light (indicating that dram failed).

Can someone explain how this could be?
Logic tells me that it's a MOBO failure (and probably not a PSU failure), but the MOBO booted up in the shop, so i'm kind of lost at the moment.
Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

PS: i installed the memory sticks into a friends computer and it booted up like a charm, no problems there.