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Planning on buying the APEX, ram compatibility question

Level 7
I see that the Apex mobo allows ram up to 4266 overclocked speed. I am looking at ram cards and since the Apex only has 2 ram slots I want to get (2x8gb) or (2x16gb). The ones I'm looking at are G.SKILL TridentZ RGB SERIES. It says they are capable of DDR4 4266. I just wanted to make sure that they are compatible. Also what sticks out to me is that the mobo can reach 4266 ram speed if overclocked will the mobo run if it is not overclocked right from the start? Will it automatically overclock? Or will it just run at a lower speed? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Level 40
All the speeds marked with OC by them are technically overclocking and not guaranteed by Intel. i.e. your CPU, subject as it is to the silicon lottery, might or might not make it.

All RAM comes with a stock guaranteed basic frequency it will run at...2133 or 2400, for example, when you first boot up the board....the XMP profiles are then the OC part of the have to select them in BIOS

4266 by the way meant you have to change strap to 125 so Speedstep and or speedshift will not work....not allowing downvolting and downclocking of CPU at idle.

So basically you pays your money, you takes your chances with anything marked as OC on motherboard specs. 3600 is supposed to be more plug and play...though this too may require tweaking skills in BIOS.

Level 10
I think best option is saving money on RAM and invest on 2x16GB 3200MHz C14.
If you choose ASUS APEX post pictures one day, I would like to see. She is E-ATX my favorite form factor and heatsinks are so beautifull.
Great motherboard, definitely after I saw them all APEX is favorite after Extreme off course. Extreme is pure perversion but so much money only for mobo for Intel Xtreme generation.