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PG27AQN Not able to 360 hz on 4:3 resolutions

Level 9
Having problem in games and cs go getting 360 hz on 4:3 without it lowering to 240 hz, even in the 25 eports mode.

And in nvdia control panel, all 4:3 resolutions show 240 hz maximum.

Does anyone have a fix for this?

Or are we talking about an Nvidia problem here? No custom resolution can be set in the driver.

It should be able to do 360hz on all resolutions at 1600€ . 40% of CS Go pros play in 4:3 streched. If DSC would be the problem it would be really sad. The monitor does not deserve its name for gamers with that...

1000 THX in advance


Level 9
No Update? 😞

Level 9
... 😞

Level 7

Same issue here.

Solutions on readit. Looks like an Nvidia problem and Nvidia dont care. The very first GPU driver release can do 360 at 4:3 so long the Y4:2:2 color mode is set. 1024x768 works in full screen window. All other drivers can do 360 in window or full window mode after switching to 4:3 via Windows settings

Level 9

Dear Asus Team,

unfortunately you do not respond to any support request... The topic is ignored by you! Can you please release a new firmware. According to Nvidia, the problem lies with you. When running a resolution of 1920x1440 @360Hz. 1720x1440 should not be a problem.

A disappointed customer


 Hello SimselOr,

In the top thread you posted, iconner posted his solution.

Does this work for you?

I have found a sad workaround. unfortunately it only works with a second monitor and it only works in window mode...

Temporary solution:
If you have a second monitor with the same resolution and create a custom resolution there. You can then set the resolution in Windows to for example 1720x1440. However, the second monitor must be connected, otherwise there is no selection option in the Windows display. It is important to set the resolution to 2560 x 1440 @360Hz beforehand and then change it in the Windows display settings. Then you also have the 360Hz... Window mode unfortunately also causes an input lag...
Please Asus and Nvidia gives us the possibility to create a custom resolution for the monitor.... It definitely can...

The device costs 1600€ in Germany and the monitor is often returned because the crazy progamer community cannot set a custom resolution... This is really also in your interest. 

Level 7

I have this issue as well and have found no resolution. Trust me when I say I have looked everywhere on the internet to fix this. I'm leaving this comment simply to share my frustrations. In the past I have been able to make a custom resolution for games like CSGO through the control panel of NVIDIA with no issues. I also refuse to change my default windows resolution from native. That is preposterous. They need to push a driver to allow custom res on this monitor, as it is quite literally the premium competitive gaming monitor. Absolutely unacceptable.

Level 7

Please, Asus, do something. I have the same problem. I just don't understand why a monitor costing over $1000 can't create custom resolutions. At least give us a detailed explanation as to why it is not possible.