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Hi there,

Just wanted to share with my recent (really bad) experience i had with this product i recently bought : PG278QR.

I bought a PG278Q years ago as 1st monitor (i daily use 2x27" monitor for both gaming and work - graphic design).
The other 27"monitor was an ASUS too, i dont remember the exact ref, but a simple one and very less expensive.

Very happy with the PG278Q i wanted to buy another one in remplacement for the simple Asus, but wasnt able to find one to buy.
Only the PG278QR.
So i gave it a try and bought it last week, planning to use it as my new 1st monitor, and have a "beautiful" dual Asus Rog monitor setup.
Big mistake.

I received and installed it this week, and guys i dont know what to think about this.
The screen is YELLOW Tinted, and contrasts are just horrible.
I've spent hours and hours trying to calibrate but it is just impossible. (via OSD and NIVIDA control panel, frame rates, hdmi or Dport, frequencys...)
The white of this screen is yellow.

-> My wallpaper is a grayscaled image, only white and black gradents and the screen gave me this.
You can see the "new" PG278QR on the left , the "old" PG278Q on the right.





Same settings on both screens,
I selected 2,2 Gamma setting on the PG278QR ( again, i've tried every settings )

Is this some kind of new "standard" at ASUS ROG headquarters ?
A screen a this price, this a shame.

I may miss something here, maybe there is a magic setting/trick that will resolve this horrible color branding.
(There is ?)

Just wanted to share and have your feedback guys.
If you are planning to buy one of these, consider this problem as a major problem.

For me now, i will try to have a replacement one hoping this one was a bad one,
or a refund.

How the hell Asus can say "ok" to sell this ?

(Please forgive my English i'm writting from France.)