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Pci-e error when connecting 3 video cards

Level 7
Asus z370-g motherboard, it has pcie16, pcie4 and two pcie1 I connect 3 video cards: in the 16th, 4th through the riser and 1st through the riser - and when turned on, 1 long beep and 3 short, black screen. According to the documentation - "video card error". All 3 cards are working, risers are working, and 2 video cards can work simultaneously without error in any combination of connectors. But 3 cards at the same time is a mistake. What could be the reason?

Level 12
Supports NVIDIA® 2-Way SLI® Technology does not say 3-Way

It could be just 3 pci e devices (sound card, WiFi, or any other extenders), SLI is not required

But I bought 3rd riser, and 3 cards work with x1, x1 and x8 pci. If I use x16 with riser - the same error. Could it be any bios setup? I haven’t find any one

Level 12
Page 1-8 of the manual (also page ix and the specifications pages on the website), I don't think it matters, if they are in SLI or not. It supports three displays in daisy chain and total of two graphics cards in x8 and x8 or that is how I read it, what have ASUS support said ?