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PC problem

Level 7
Hi guys

I have a problem with my PC
CPU: 2700X (new)
MB: Asus Strix B450-F (new)
Cooler: Asus Strix 120LC (new)
GPU: Asus Strix RX480 OC (my old pc)
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (my old pc)
SSD: Samsung Evo Plus 500GB M.2 (new)

So, this problem it's from beginning when i build it, i think July/august, when i enter a game it's having a little lag but after a couple of seconds the video signal cuts out and the gpu starts spinning the fans like crazy. The PC is still running but no video and a lot of noise from the gpu fans. I have intstalled Afterburner but no changes. The cpu temps stays in idle at 30 but when i do small things like opening a browser or starting a program it goes up to 50. When i had my old pc i had a i7 6700K and Corsair H115i cooler and it was peachy, no problem, running smoothly. Now it just acting very strange with the new parts and i cannot do anything more complex like running a game, just basic stuff like browsing and watching YT. I was thinking to buy a new cooler but i'm not sure if that's the problem. I do hear the noise of the pump more than the noise of the fans, the liquid is running inside the loop but the temps are ok, i mean 50 is not that big but in games it's just acting crazy. Please help, i'm desperate!

Level 7
I think I'd start with uninstalling in device manager, shut down then removing the GPU. If your CPU supports the MB's on board graphics (forgive me I'm not familiar with AMD CPU specs) Then run it with your monitor hooked up to the MB video output and see how things behave then. Obviously you're not gonna run GPU hungry games off the onboard graphics but it'll give you the opportunity to see how it reacts doing some of the lighter tasks as you said the CPU temp ramps up a bit just using a browser.

I imagine you could probably run Furmark or similar windowed just to get a flavour of how your system behaves without the GPU installed. If that runs OK try reinstalling your GPU and loading the drivers straight of the makers site for it. Might also be worth looking in Bios to check for anything which is set to an aggressive parameter.

I'd be surprised if it's your cooler as the behaviour of your GPU fans and video loss seem to me more likely to be something awry in the GPU's configuration.

I'm no expert but that's where I'd be starting. I'm sure others who are wiser than me will offer you better advice.



To further Phrasemaker's point you could also run prime95 to load up the CPU without the GPU to ensure that isn't causing your crashes.
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