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Paste Vs Liquid Metal Vs Thermal Pad

Level 10
Hello all, I need a few opinions for my current build. Right now I'm using a 3950x on a x570-i Motherboard and it runs a bit hot in the Gamerstorm Tristellar Case. (yay, looks)

However because of the way the case sits the board is at a 30 degree tilt from being level from the ground. Because of this I got a Carbonaut Thermal pad to interface between the chip and the pump (Artic freezer II 120, 120 because that's all that fits with this case model). It's not ideal for overclocking as it heats up my room but it works.

I know the obvious answer is to replace it with a thermal paste but I'm not too good at remembering to replace it every 6 months-Year to keep temps down and I do have some spare conductonaut from my last chips delidding. However with all of this in mind I'm worried about the slide from the angle.

Should I use paste, metal or keep on trucking with the Carbon pad?

If so what are your recommendations and why?

Level 40
Use a good thin layer of paste. Prolimatech PK-1 or Hydronaut

Why? because they work well to transfer heat from your CPU

Laziness to repaste is no excuse to run a thermal pad on a 3950X

Do not use liquid metal between the IHS and coldplate ever....this could only be done flat if the rig is never moved and the CPU was contained (naked die with containment for example)

Level 10
Alright your reasons are valid. Ill give it a shot and see if that fixes my room heater.

EDIT: Didn't have Hydronaut of Prolimatech lying around so I used the Formula 7 that was sitting in my spare parts drawer. Seems to be doing the trick I'll keep you posted.

Level 10
Okay Followup. It worked sorta. Now I have a new problem due to my stupid decision with "I'll go with the quietest fan for stealth"

I made a new thread highlighting the issue.