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P8Z77-V LX only recognizes 2 DIMMS of RAM

Level 7
I have the P8Z77-V LX with a i7-3770 CPU. I had originally installed 2X4GB of DDR3-1600 in the blue slots. The BIOS and WIndows 10 x64 recognized it correctly. I now added 2 more 4GB DDR3-1600 modules to the remaining slots. The BIOS (and Windows) still recognize a total of 8GB. I tried switching the modules between the slots with no effect.
Surprisingly, the SPD tool can see all 4 modules correctly. But the Total memory in the main tab is only 8GB. If I install 4X2GB I get a total of 4GB instead of 8GB.
Again the SPD tool sees all 4 modules.
I am running the latest BIOS for this board (2501). I also tried downgrading the BIOS to earlier versions with no effect.
The MemoryOK! button also has no effect.
Am I missing something in the BIOS settings?