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Onboard sound/discrete sound card/headset advice

Level 7
I have some sound/headset questions.

I plan on building a new gaming system in the fall. Unless something major changes in the next few months, it will likely be built around the ASUS Maximus IX Hero motherboard. I am considering using the onboard SupremeFX/Realtek S1220. If I do, this will be my first build in 25 years that doesn't include a Creative sound card. I also plan to reserve my speakers for music, videos and general Windows audio and using a headset for gaming audio.

My question is, does the SupremeFX/Realtek S1220 have any sort of simulated 5.1/7.1 codec for headphone use, or should I get a dedicated 7.1 headset that doesn't use the computer's sound at all? I'm considering the HyperX Cloud and the HyperX Cloud II headsets. I'd prefer to get the standard stereo version HyperX Cloud and use the SupremeFX/Realtek S1220 virtual surround, assuming that's a feature.

The second question relates to the SupremeFX/Realtek S1220 in general. For those of you that use it, how do you feel it compares to a discrete sound card? I've always used, and been pleased with, Creative sound cards. I'm trying to decide if I should use the onboard sound or add a Creative Sound Blaster Zx to my build.

Thanks for any and all advice.