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New GPU loop, Detection Tool and mobo power

Level 7
Hey guys I'm installing the GPU side of my loop today cause I just received my 2nd EVGA 2080 ti yesterday. I've had the system running the last couple of weeks with the CPU loop and just using the fans on the first card. I'm going to plug in the PSU testing Detection Tool to activate the cooling pump. So my question is do I need to unplug the CPU power cables to the MOBO or anything else?


Level 13
First thing I would do before anything else is put the second card in and OC and stress test the crap out of It. Two of these on air is horrendous. Enough to heat your house with so don’t close up the case if you do that.*

As a rule I always have nothing plugged in but the pumps and the jumper on the ATX cable to give a start. I actually don’t even use the PSU in my machine for filling and leak testing. I always have a spare and even before that I had an old cheap $40 PSU for nothing but loop filling and leak testing. *Saves a lot of times and worries. *Depending on your set up boards don’t like having ATX power without CPU Power and GPUs really don’t like PCIE power only, I cooked two back in the day powering up for leak testing thinking I’ll just unplug it. Better safe than sorry. If the pumps are all thats connected then it’s not possible to screw up anything else.

What blocks are you using? Same layout as reference cards? *

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Level 40
RG_Alien wrote:
do I need to unplug the CPU power cables to the MOBO or anything else?

Yes, unplug everything...only power the pump...and make sure the PSU is not below any part of the loop

Thx 4 the responses guys.

The blocks are the EVGA HYDRO COPPER so they will both be on Liquid Cooling. I only used air till I got the 2nd card. So you guy's are saying unplug everything? Fans, USB, Audio, LED, system panel connectors too? Gotta run to Fry's, need A few more Fittings. Nicest thing about this build is having Fry's right down the street, I could walk if I had to. BRB

Level 13
Yes Everything except pumps.
I hope EVGA does a better job than ASUS Poseidon cards that are air cooled with a tube running though the fins making only fin contact. Bought the 1080Ti version of that and returned it in less than 24 hours. What a POS. I only bought it thinking I would not have to pull the HS off to put a block on but the thermal were horrific and it still dumped heat in my case.

I would still run the crap out of the second card before putting them in the loop. That way if it fails or just blows you can RMA it without having to drain the loop and do a bypass for the missing card. Just a habit Ive gotten used to. New build parts get stressed before they ever see the inside of a case. Sucks to spend all that time just to have to tear it all back down over a failed part.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, I'm not sure about the former” ~ Albert Einstein

I didn't think of installing it and stressing it, I've been waiting to have both cards installed in the loop before doing any OCing. I've been bending tubes the last couple of hours. Yep, screwed it up again! Doing 3 bends in a 16" piece of PETG can have it's moments trying to line everything up. I'll go ahead and pull everything from the MOBO when I get to that point, that's not to much hassle. I'll get back to you in the next couple of days or so after the tubing is done, providing I don't screw it up and have to order another box. Here's some pics of my Alien themed Build.


Level 13
Dont have to OC. The point is it would be better to know if it even works before tubing it up and better to know if its going to crap out under load or suffer from infant mortality before ggoing through the trouble.

Tubing can be a challenge. Im OK at it but only from being a master electrician before getting my EE and bending conduit.

Good lord, dont let that thing out of the tank!!!

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, I'm not sure about the former” ~ Albert Einstein

Well I got the 2nd card and installed the WB's (no leaks) but now I fired up the sys this morning and the card in the 1st slot isn't being recognized by the sys. I turned off all power and plugged my monitor into the 2nd card and everything seems fine.I went into the BIOS and it shows no card in the 1st slot. I have no lights in the 1st card either.

Level 40
Check simple things first like PCIe lane switches in correct position.

One PCIe power cable per connection...none of this daisy chain stuff...

Do you have an extra power EZ plug on that board? maybe populate that

And of course check that your cards are sitting in the slots with no (NO) displacement from loop components...

Clear CMOS for good measure

The BIOS doesn't have lane switches, One PCIe power cable per connection and the card's are fully seated. I have to look into the CMOS thing though.
BTW, I checked the serial numbers and it's the same card in the same position before I got the 2nd card when I was running it on fans.