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New Gaming Build

Level 7
Hi guys! Just wanna say this is awesome place and I appreciate any advice/feedback I receive in regards to building my new gaming rig. It's been 10 years since my last build and WOW how things have changed! Budget is not an issue and I do want to overclock.

What I have so far:

Intel Core i5-3570K
ASUS Maximus V Formula
G.SKILL Sniper Gaming Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 1866
EVGA GeForce GTX 670 FTW+ 4GB
SAMSUNG 840 Pro Series 128GB (SSD)
CORSAIR HX Series HX850 850W

Do you guys think this setup will work for me while allowing me to upgrade in the future?

I'm also having trouble selecting a solid CPU cooler to protect my investment. Do you guys have any recommendations that will accommodate my current build/case? Air or Liquid?

What about quailty case fans and an effective intake/exhaust system?

Again, I appreciate any feedback that you guys have!

Level 14
welcome to the forum, that setup look good to me.
but IF you have the monney and can affort it, an extra SSD for games ( try and keep the OC on one and games on a seperate and file storage on a HDD ), thats my sugestion.
but if you dont have the monney for it now, take it down the line, mabye get a 1TB HDD now and use at game/storage? ( you will get slow load time compare to SSD )
what sort of games do you play?
how safe are you on closed liquid coolers?
or do you preffer air?
front + side fan inn, top and back exhaust. ( side fan to help to keep the GPU colder ).
there are those who recomend the Z and X series of Gskill, but if Gskill have a compatible calk/liston their site, i recomend you to use that.

Level 7
Thanks kkn! I'll take your advice and get an extra SSD. Same one of course, it wont be an issue.
As far as games I play a lot of FPS's and MMO's. Games are constantly upgrading their specifications and I want to be better prepared for the future.
I have not used a liquid cooler in the past but I'm certainly not opposed to using one on this build. I just want to make sure its compatible with my case and I will see results. I've been looking into the corsair h100i, but from my research people are having issues with the fans being insanely loud? Maybe I could replace the stock fans for a quieter version?

Level 15
Welcome to the Republic of Gamers forums, Sandman07.

Your build looks perfect. There's no need to change anything. As for the Corsair H100i, I've heard about people solving the fan issue by changing them or connecting them directly to a fan controller. Either that or wait until Corsair brings out a firmware update that would solve the problem. The stock cooler for the i5 3570k will suffice meanwhile.

Yes you could definitely replace the stock fans or you could put them on a fan controller as Chino mentioned. Sometimes just turning down the RPMs slightly can help with fan noise while not impacting cooling much so you don't necessarily have to turn them waaaay down.
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Level 10
The H100i has a built in fan controller you can use, it doesn't give as much control as a normal fan controller but you do get to choose between three speeds. If you want quality case fans depending on the size of your sockets take a look at the Scythe Ultra Kaze 120mm however since you seem concerned about noise make sure you get a decent fan controller as they run at 3000rpm and can sound like a vacuum cleaner lol but they will certainly keep your system cool. Be aware though they are thicker than a standard 120mm fan so ensure you have at least 40mm of clearance.

Level 14
the H100i is a dual 120 fan space + a couple of cm.
and you have the H110i too witch is a dual 140mm fan space.
you have the H80i witch is a 120mm ( i think it is, havent watched the specs ) witch is a push/pull config witch you can mpoung on the back of your pc ( exhaust by the I/O shiled ).
they all connect by a USB ( internal ) to comunicate whit the pump/OS.
IF your gona switch out the fans, get ones whit high static preshure, low amps, mabye PMW fans.

Level 7
Thanks everyone I do appreciate your knowledge and sharing vital information in such a timely manner! I'm leaning toward the H100i and will keep faith that Corsair will correct the issues with the new firmware update.

Level 11
The Corsair HX 850 is only partially modular, so some of the cables are hardwired. If you get to the point where it matters how everything looks inside the rig, you´d want a tidy cablel arrangement. Having a fully modular psu means you decide exactly how many wires you want coming out of the psu, no unneeded wires to clutter up the case. And you can also get these slick coloured single sleeved cables, that you could then replace the stok (black) cables with. HX850 is gold certified, so efficiency is good.
For a fully modular psu I could recommend AX 860, platinum certified, that means even less electric energy lost to heat.