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New Extreme Build

Level 7
Hi guys

I am looking at building an extreme awesome PC, but need some help as my imagination equals a bannana!

My build will be:

i7 3960
ASUS Rampage Extreme iv watercooled (already build it from OCUK
2 x ssd in raid 0
2 x ASUS GTX 690's - eventually watercooled when EK blocks are realeased
thinking of Xigmatek Elysium case or happy for others to suggest fab looking cases (was also looking at the Cosmos 2 but has no side panel windows)

I want my above system to be completely watercooled:

Can someone also help me by telling me what watercooling componenets I need to buy to watercool all of this stuff, I want quality items in there and I want the whole build to look fantastic, I live in Nottingham so if anyone wants to help, would really appreciate, or help on forums.

I have a budget of between 3.5-4k

Thanks in advance

Level 7
Bad choice of processor, no value for money, buy an i7 3930 and with a marginal overclock it is as good as an i7 3960 at much lower cost. For some feedback on specialist cooling have a read of xtremesystems forum, they got all sorts of cooling gadgetry over there, most of it customised for serious builds.

put her on guinness, pot the black 😛

Level 15
These guys seem to be well used and far as I have seen in these Forums

Level 16
F1ADO wrote:
Can someone also help me by telling me what watercooling componenets I need to buy to watercool all of this stuff

Welcome to the ROG!

Basic components of a watercooling loop are:
1. waterblocks (these are the things on your components with the role of taking over the produced heat)
2. pump (will make the water to circulate and cary the heat)
3. radiator (will dissipate the heat overtaken by the waterblocks and carried by the water)
4. tubes (to connect all the above)

Most watercooling loops today uses a reservoir too. Also, the most efficient loops has more than one radiator, having dual loop may be even more efficient. Then, you need some fans on the radiators (to move air through them) - if you want silence, you will need a fan controller too.

So, a good way to go is to design your water loop(s) first, figure out how many radiators you will use - choose the case only after that, based on your needs and likes. You should also consider if you need monitor(s) for this system - a good and big monitor can be over 1k, so your budget is going down fast...

Level 7
Simplest and most easiest, if you want to avoid modifying case for reservoirs is to buy a bay device.
Most people have it reservoir>Pump>Rad>Waterblocks>back to Reservoir (or reverse the last 2). (Reservior always fed to pump (never want a dry pump))
I personally think the is a slick option. It allows dual pumps in serial or 2 separate pumps.

I do find it odd that Nvidia has never officially claimed Quad GPU support. Like on the 590gtx running 2 in SLI was only possible on a true 3 way SLI ( like Asus Supercomputer board 1366 (only true 3 way 16x w)

Also Koolance is always the first to put waterblock for GPU (never had a problem and their RMA is painless) E.G.

Othernote, If you use compression fittings- put a tiny dab of Vaseline on hose before tightening - it will save your fingers' skin.

I7 5960X/Asus RE5u3.1 -3101/64gb(16x4)@3133 @1.39V Gskill 14-15-16-36 cr2/3xTitanX/ WD RE 6.0 TB RAID 0+1/Samsung 840 Pro 256 x2 Raid 0/Samsung 850pro M.2/Asus Essence One/Corsair Ax1500 PSU /Corsair Obs 9800D case/ 3 2xRad 120x3 and 120x1/ EK MB block/AquaC Kryos CPU/Koolance GPU x2/ Bay 452x2(ver2) (2x655 serial)