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new config booting problem

Level 7
good evening, I come to you because I just replaced my motherboard, my processor and my rams by an asus Maximus z690 HERO and an I7 13700kf.

it's been 2 days that I try to restart everything, I started by updating the BIOS in 2004 (I also tried the 2103) so that it supports the processor, then it does not detect my M2 SSDs, I activated in the BIOS the CSM, it detects my disks but do not want to boot on it.
I ended up plugging an SSD with Windows on it, it wants to boot on it once out of 4 ... I read somewhere that you need to update Intel ME to use hard drives correctly, would that come from there? Can= it is updated via BIOS without Windows?

Thank you very much

Level 7
for information I reinstalled Windows 11, everything went well but on restart it loads the rog logo, then Windows starts loading, and as soon as my keyboard lights up the screen freezes and Windows does not start not, sometimes while waiting for a long time it starts, it's a weird situation.

In reality, the computer boots, but the passage between the ROG logo and the loading of Windows is very long, 1 minute minimum, the loading ring freezes for a while, then Windows starts, I have to find what causes this.