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New Build X99

Level 7
Hi Everybody,

My old computer is historical haha, I can't play modern games and it made me angry so I decided ima get my self a new rig 🙂
I am from Israel and everything here is overpriced (a lot), but at least ill have warranty 🙂
I did a lot of research and finally came here to ask people for suggestions and thoughts 🙂
Here is the build i'm thinking:

Motherboard : Asus rampage V extreme
CPU : I7-5820k
CPU : Cooling: Noctua NH-D15 ??????
GPU : Zotac 980 Ti Amp Extreme
PSU : 1000w Corsair
RAM : Ripjaws V DDR4 4x8 3000mhz
SSD : Pcie SSD Intel 750
Case: Corsair 900D

This is what I think ill be getting, sorry if missed something.
My current problem is cooling cpu/fans in case, I never tried water cooling but I always used noctua products.
I will be overclocking the 5820k to 4-4.2 and the pc will be used for gaming and streaming in future.
Games mainly would be Armored Warfare and Dota 2, but I would love to try new games as well 🙂

I would really appreciate any thoughts and suggestions on the build 🙂

Thanks everyone!

Level 10
hello and welcome to the forum.

your chosen parts look good, few questions.. do you plan on water cooling? if not, i would recommend a smaller case... the 900D is huge and that is still an understatement. If you plan on furthering your build in the future by doing a custom water loop, the 900D is perfect to make amazing things happen.

Noctua D-15 is a great cooler, damn huge and at the price point of roughly $100, looking at the Corsair h100i might be a better option?

I have never owned a video card by Zotac, but is there any particular reason for that card? Asus Strix 980ti and EVGA both have really nice Ti versions, personally I would choose the Strix.. but either way they should run anything you throw at them (1080p, 1440p no problem)

1000w corsair is a big PSU, do you plan on upping to SLI? if not, cheaper route might be a 750w PSU instead? save some money for more SSD's or??

Memory, Im a big fan of corsair memory but them ripjaws should surely get the job done.

Intel 750 NVMe SSD 400gb 800gb or 1.2TB, either way that is a badass drive!! the 1.2 is expensive but ungodly quick...

btw, not sure of the style of case your wanting... I own the 900D but if I could, and definitely next build I will be using the Corsair 540. also, not sure what the budget is, take a look over at pcpartpicker and you can find some pretty nice builds and get some ideas as well. ROG FTW!!!

Hi Andlaw,

Thanks for replying!

Currently i'm not planning on water cooling, never tried and i'm frightened to be honest.
I've read some reviews on Corsair 100i and saw that Noctua really keeps the temperature better and is more silent.
Regarding GPU, I must say I was thinking about asus strix or evga, but i'm not planning on ocing the gpu, I saw also that Zotac gives better performance and gives 5 years warranty, evga and asus gives 2-3 year if i'm not mistaken.
For the PSU, you never know what might happen in future, I don't think i'm going to SLI.
Regarding memory, well I've been looking at corsair dominator platinum, however timing are better with ripjaws and dominator are bigger no ? Might have problem with that Noctua D15 Cooler???
Regarding SSD Pcie, Im still debating myself if to take 750 or wait for samsung 950 hehe
Lastly, Case wise Corsair 900D is a great case in my opinion and I would never need to upgrade my case.

What you think?

yo! water cooling isn't that bad, jus sayin 🙂 I had never done anything water cooling related before this last build of mine either, but with this Forum you can find a lot of help which makes the process of deciding the components, and pretty much anything to do with completing it... lots of advice here to be shared to get the job done! *cough** KKN and Arne*

From personal experience with both, inside the case with the window on your not going to hear much.. I honestly could hardly hear the pump on the H100i.. my WD black drive was by far the loudest in my system other than the fans (using corsair sp 120 hp pwm's on radiators and corsair af 120 quiet editions throughout the case).. Noctua does and did nearly the same, I think i had a slightly lower full load temp while using the H100i but it was negligible.

GPU's, they will always say they perform better than their competitor, but definitely go where the better warranty is, like I said before either of them are going to run what you want,

PSU, 1000w by all means will not be a bad investment. just choose Gold or Platinum and you should be set for many years..

Dominator platinum's are pretty awesome I wont lie, you do have to look around for the best timings as there are many different models to choose from.. and if your decent at overclocking, manually setting frequency and timings you can come up with some nice numbers, but again you can do that with any memory... and yes they are on the rather bulky side, and with a large CPU cooler size will matter, another reason why I give the H100i an upvote

The Samsung 950 is and should be an amazing drive.. as well as the Intel 750. Either you choose, you wont be disappointed... 🙂

900D, is simply, an amazing case. It will and definitely should be the last case you should ever need to buy. even after removing most of the guts it still felt sturdy.. just installing video cards can be a major PITA because of the way they sit back and you get the framing for the window panel.. you shall see when you get yours o_O

What about fans inside the 900D? Any Suggestions?

RuslanM wrote:
What about fans inside the 900D? Any Suggestions?

If your on somewhat of a budget.. Corsair AF 120/140 quiet editions, they come with blue/red/white customize-able rings which match theme builds which is cool and they work great and they are Quiet even at 1000RPM which move some air!..

If you want the 'best of the best' and can spend the extra.. Noctua have some nice case fans, and they just released 2 new lines if your wanting different colors other than the original Noctua look.

Noctua Industrial:
Noctua cost-optimized:

I am personally running Corsair fans. Corsair SP120 High Performance edition High Static PWM fans on my radiators & Corsair AF 120 Quiet Edition case fans. I run all the case fans (AF120) at 1000-1100rpm.. and my radiator fans (SP120) at 800rpm for less extensive cpu/gpu workloads and I cant hear a single thing except a few noises from the water passing through the radiators every now and then..

EK has some nice fans out too, all black ones. EK vadar.

Level 12
Get the Intel 750. The 950 throttles alot and gets very hot

Level 14
ditch the 900D and get a smaller case.
i dropped my 900D and did go open solution.
right now im running my system on a LD bench. ->

and to hide the case? you will not get it under a desk, just look at the dimentions and see if im wrong.

gpu, you dont have to "OC" the GPU if you buy from EVGA, you have the classified ones for ex, that is OC's to a stable OC.
this is the GPU i have now ->

and a 850/860W PSU is more then enough for your build, but if you go 1KW the cooling fan will not be used that much depends on temp inside case.

Level 15
Hello RuslanM,

The only inconvenience I see is the size of the NH-D15 which will extend over the first PCIe slot forcing your to use the other ones for your GPU. For now this won't be a huge problem. But in the future, you would eventually have to swap it out for a smaller cooler or liquid cooler when you plan to go SLI.

Level 14
G.Skill Ripjaws 5 kits are apparently optimized for Z170, Ripjaws 4 for X99. I'm not really sure what "optimized" means in this context. Ripjaws 4 and Ripjaws 5 kits can be selected which have identical specs for capacity, frequency, timings/latencies, and voltages - but each is somehow meant to run better on one platform. Ripjaws 5 kits use newer silicon from Samsung, new Ripjaws 4 kits are now also built with the same Samsung chips but originally all used SKHynix (which was preferred for overclocking). I suspect the platform-specific differences are mostly based on tertiary timings and voltage skews, quirky stuff you won't even find buried in the datasheets. It seems you would not do worse by selecting a Ripjaws 4 DDR4-3000 kit.

My Raijintek Nemesis Tisis cooler has roughly similar dimensions to the NH-D15. And much better performance since I used a premium TIM and replaced the completely junky Raijintek fans with nice industrial NH-A14 fans. It's a beastly mass of metal and I'm always a little concerned about all that strain dangling off my LGA2011-3 socket (so I'm very gentle when moving the machine) - it hasn't caused any issues (yet), but if I were to do this build again I would choose a case with a horizontal motherboard layout for peace of mind. It does not interfere with the first PCIe slot (just barely, unless a GPU card has a >4mm backplate thickness), it also has enough clearance for the heatspreaders on my Ripjaws 4 memory.

I understand your apprehension, but AIO coolers are an excellent choice. You can do much better than a Corsair hydro product, though.
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