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New Build X99

Level 7
Hi Everybody,

My old computer is historical haha, I can't play modern games and it made me angry so I decided ima get my self a new rig 🙂
I am from Israel and everything here is overpriced (a lot), but at least ill have warranty 🙂
I did a lot of research and finally came here to ask people for suggestions and thoughts 🙂
Here is the build i'm thinking:

Motherboard : Asus rampage V extreme
CPU : I7-5820k
CPU : Cooling: Noctua NH-D15 ??????
GPU : Zotac 980 Ti Amp Extreme
PSU : 1000w Corsair
RAM : Ripjaws V DDR4 4x8 3000mhz
SSD : Pcie SSD Intel 750
Case: Corsair 900D

This is what I think ill be getting, sorry if missed something.
My current problem is cooling cpu/fans in case, I never tried water cooling but I always used noctua products.
I will be overclocking the 5820k to 4-4.2 and the pc will be used for gaming and streaming in future.
Games mainly would be Armored Warfare and Dota 2, but I would love to try new games as well 🙂

I would really appreciate any thoughts and suggestions on the build 🙂

Thanks everyone!

Thanks for replies everyone,

I'm not planning a SLI anytime soon, since the GPU in my country costs 1.5 price here and I think for now The 980 TI would be enough
I'd better travel for that money heh
Regarding Ripjaws 4 or 5, I did somewhere read and saw it but I can't find any ripjaws 4 at 3000mhz only at 2400mhz.
Regarding the case, you might be right but I don't want ever to think about another case so this is why I chosen this beast.
Regarding the cooling, I would love to have Custom Loop cooling,but I have no knowledge and experience in that area. I'm quite frightened to think I can do it alone.
Looking at the shops there is only Corsair H100-110 or Thermaltake Pacific RL240 but I heard it has problems.
If im not mistaken the 5820k is 28 lane and if my memory doesn't fail me x16 is first and third one right ? I might be mistaken tho
My question would be if I install the card in the third slot will there be place for the Intel 750 on 4th slot?
The size of GPU IS • Length: 328.2mm (12.92in) Height: 133.1mm (5.24in) Width: 2.5 slots

I have a very similar build to yours and I absolutely love it.

The Noctua NH-D15 is a fantastic cooler. I used it in one of my previous builds and it will outperform many of the lower end liquid coolers. However, with the price tag that you're already at, I would recommend checking out the NZXT Kraken X61 Liquid cooler. The Noctua NH-D15 will definitely get the job done just fine, and will probably even leave you some room to overclock. However, in my experience I find good liquid cooling to be a much cleaner, and moderately better solution for cooling.

Level 14
You should install one GPU card in the first (the red PCIE_X16_1) slot, as specified in the R5E user manual. You would probably be able to get it working in another slot, but it would require much tinkering with settings and probably never offer the best possible performance. It would be an unhappy system if you added more PCIe 3.0 cards. The i7-5820K supports 28 PCIe 3.0 lanes but (like any other Haswell-E proc and X99 mobo) can only be configured a limited number of ways.

The Zotac AMP 980 Ti Extreme looks like it doesn't add any extra backplate thickness, I think it would fit in the first R5E slot with an NH-D15. The fancy heatspreaders on Ripjaws 5 might be too tall, but Ripjaws 4 would easily fit.

As usual with Zotac, the AMP Extreme has a very impressive factory overclock but appears to use an entirely unique nonreference VRM design (and various layers of DRM-like proprietary controls) which will actively resist and severely restrict user overclocking efforts. Zotac offers some fine products, Zotac offers utterly dismal product support.
"All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others." - Douglas Adams


Thanks for replying Korth,

I don't think I will be ocing the GPU since i'm using 1920x1080
Zotac offers 5 years warranty, but I am really scared because i heard and saw some really bad reviews on the Support.
Which GPU would offer great warranty and almost the same specs?
Yes you might be right regarding the ripjaws, I will need definitely to look at ripjaws 4 somewhere

Level 14
EVGA have good support if im not mistaken.
im on my 3'rd EVGA card now and im happy whit them.
and the cards come factory OC so you do not need to tinker ( change settings ) whit the card at all.
take it out of the box, install it and *POFF* its good to go.

Level 11
RuslanM- I can tell that you are a person who looks at all options closely and weighs everything for what it is worth. If you want a good case that has pretty much everything decided for you and is very versatile, even into future builds, then I agree with your pick of the 900D. Who knows, in a couple of years, the 'water cooling bug' may bite you and you will already have a case for it. . ..

For the price and timings, the Ripjaws 4 is hard to beat with the X99 chipset.

As far as choosing the 5820K though, you might also consider the 4790K for about $100 less. Look at this comparison:

Also, the EVGA GPU's bang the best in my book.

I would also go with the Intel 750 Series (even if just the 400GB one (it is already $50 cheaper than it was a month ago) for temporary storage and gaming, and with the $100 you can save by getting the 4790K, you can spend a little more and also get a Samsung 850 EVO 1TB SSD to use as your boot disc with your operating system on it and use it for permanent storage as well. This will leave your 400GB completely open to totally rock your gaming.

When getting an R5E MOBO, a high-powered graphics card (just one), a nice CPU, 32GB of RAM, an Intel 750 Series 400GB and a Samsung 850 EVO 1 TB, I believe that going with a 1000W PSU is a very good decision.

You are well on your way to a nice system with the initial informed choices you made, and if you do go with the 900D, get a few more fans--Airflow (AF) fans instead of Static Pressure (SP) fans if you are not going to have them mounted to radiators--to take up some of that extra room in the 900D while helping to keep your rig cooler with the increased airflow. You want 'positive air pressure' in your case, meaning you want to have more air being forced into the case rather than having more air forced out of the case. This cools better, and also keep less dust from getting into the case over time. In my 900D, I am forcing air into the front, the top, and both sides of the bottom with only a 140mm exhaust fan pushing air out (some people would make air exhaust out of the top, too, and this would still make for positive pressure as long the front and both bottom sides are pushing air in, but I am only exhausting out of the back since I have the equivalent of twelve 120mm radiators with low-RPM'ed SP fans that are blowing through less-dense 10-12 fins per inch (FPI) radiators, so it is going to be a quiet airflow/water cooled system. Pardon my talking about mine own system, but I am hoping to help get you used to seeing rigs like I am explaining in your mind's eye so that you become more intrigued by them and less apprehensive).

Bravo on your build picks!!!
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Level 14
The Obsidian 900D is a fairly huge case. Plenty of room for a full hardware load plus more rads and fan mounting points than anyone could possibly fill up. An excellent choice if you plan to fill it up.

An overkill choice if you plan to have less extreme hardware. No need for a ton of radiator space if you are hesitant about liquid cooling. No need for huge empty chassis. A smaller chassis will provide more cooling efficiency simply because you need fewer fans to move air in and out of it.

I use an Obsidian 750D, a good compromise between oversized space and rightsized efficiency. A couple of front intake fans and a couple of rear/top exhaust fans are plenty, although I run it in a very hot environment (usually about 33-37C) so I mounted a pair of extra fans to help eliminate any dead air space across the mobo (with a 4.5GHz OC and no thermal throttling, btw, better than any wimpy little Corsair AIO cooler). If you go with a 900D you'll basically need your large air CPU cooler (which includes two fans) plus a couple of rear/top exhaust fans and two front/bottom intake fans, maybe more, and probably also some sort of fan controller to keep the noise down.
"All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others." - Douglas Adams


Level 11
I can see Korth's point--it makes sense. I am a hardline-tubing, radiator-and-many-fanned, overkill-type personality--I really do have a cape-so I tend to go grand in everything I do. If you do not plan on exploring the world of custom water cooling someday, then the Corsair Obsidian 750D is the better choice.

Some people think Corsair cases are too plain, but if you are somewhat new to PC-building, Corsair cases are a perfect choice, for they do a good job of trying to think of everything you need in a case for you. It may not have many thrills or flash, but the reliable standard of the Corsair case is worth its wait in gold (um, well, maybe not THAT much) to someone who wants as few issues with their build as possible. It allows you to concentrate on potential component problems and not really have to worry about anything with the case itself.

I bet ambient temperatures in Israel can become quite demanding. . ..
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Guys thanks for such responses, its really awesome and I really appreciate it

I've read a lot about zotac customer support and warranty and decided to go with EVGA as suggested.
Regarding CPU, I think the it will help me a little bit more on a side when I will start streaming, maybe doing some videos.
Regarding the case, I think that going 900D is a smart choice for future,
I might be getting water cooling in couple years and overall the 900D will never be replaced
I will be checking the shop today and see what I can come up with 🙂

Level 11
Excellent! Keep us in the know.
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