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New build - wire management

Level 7
I Just purchased a new Crosshair V Formula and am in the process of laying out the wiring, I've come across 4 sets of terminals that are unmarked and not shown on the Motherboard layout drawings:


1. 3 pin header just below the EATX12-1 connector block and CPU_FAN. Labels above and below the 3 pin header are PQ100 and PQ132. Any info?
2. 8 pin header between USB1112 connector and CHA_FAN1 connector. Any info?

3. 4 pin header below CLRTC_SW and just above CHA_FAN2. Any info?

4. 8 pin header above panel header and below the small IROG IC. Again any info?

Being an engineer for many years, I like to know everything about my PCB's and cable interconnects.

I would appreciate any help, advice or useful links.

Level 40
Communications headers for the engineers - mostly used during the BIOS development and for new hardware testing.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Thanks. Do you have any more information that you could tell me or perhaps direct me to another source with more informations? Thanks again!!!

Level 7
I noticed also on Rampage IV Extreme I saw a 3 pin set which I don't see in the manual either lol... I thought they were jumpers that I needed to purchase extra jumpers... I guess I can't use the 24 jumpers I purchased cos I mistakenly saw one jumper on the manual but the rests are all fan pins... or PWM cable... hub...
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