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new build question on SATA power

Level 7
I am doing a new build and have a question about a power supply hookup to the SATA power

The MB is a Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (WI-FI)
The PS is a EVGA SuperNOVA 850 P2, 80+ PLATINUM 850W , Fully Modular Power supply.
The cooler is a Corsair HT115i AIO cooler
The Hard Drive is a WD Bkack SATA
The Case is a ASUS Strix Helios GX601.

From the power supply, I used 1 SATA power cable that could supply power to 4 SATA devices. The case needs 2, the cooler needs 1 and the hard drive needs 1 SATA power. When I user one cable from the power supply to power all 4 devices, the system wont power up and stay on. It turns on briefly and doesn't boot. I unplugged the hard and it boots and runs. Is this expected behavior for everything I put on one SATA cable? I think either something is wrong with a device drawing too much power or the combined load of all 4 devices is too much for one SATA cable.

I plan to add a second SATA cable to the EVGA and put the hard drive on a separate module of the supply.

Any advice on this?

Level 7
This is strange and should not be like that.
Power limited by sata is actually 12v bus, so all sata plugs has same limit and it is overal limit, not by single wire or connector.

Right now I have 4 disks (2ssd and 2 hdd) and from start I used 1 sata cable for pair of ssds plus rog ryujin power, 2nd cable used for pair of hdds plus case powers (same helios), but I don't use fan hub. Everything worked fine.
Righ now I switched from ryujin to custom loop, so my 1st wire still connected to pair of ssds plus unused fan hub while 2nd is connected to pair of hdds + case rgb power + pump power - no troubles at all.

So it could be not about "too much power" - but something wrong with cable itself or one of devices (shortcut?).

I pulled the hard drive and tested out and it worked fine so I went back to the new PC and added two more "Sata power" cables to the supply and use one for the case SAT power, the second SATA module for the cooler and the third SATA module for the hard drive. I probably did overkill on that but it works so far.

Thanks for the help.