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new build question, Motherboar has 1 20 pin USB connector and the Case has 2

Level 7
The MB is a Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (WI-FI)
The Case is a ASUS Strix Helios GX601.

The case has 5 front panel USB ports so the case has two 20 pin connectors and the odd one is the new USB 10 gig port so the odd one is covered by the connector on the motherboard. The question I have is what are the options for the case having 2 20 pin USB cables and the motherboard only having 1 20 pin connector? Are there adapters for this?

I know there are plenty of USB port on the back but that's back behind the desk and having the ones in the front is more convenient. Having 2 ports on the front that don't work kind of sucks.


Level 11
This is what I used. Two ports on top now work as USB 2.0. However, I did notice that some of the new motherboards now have two USB 3.0 connectors.

15cm Desktop 19pin USB 3.0 male header to 9pin USB 2.0 female port Conversion Cable 9 Pin to 20P USB3.0 header adapter.


I think that's it!

I have built my first ROG X570 hero 8...At the bottem their are 3 USB ports at the bottem of the board..Now my caSE A THERMATAKE lVl20 gt the cables were able to go right in...Now on my water pump it looks just like the pic you posted only the others had some kind of a sleeve that was able to just plug right into the board..The way yoiur pic aka my water pump looks just like your pic minuse that sleeve to plug it in..Where do I get the sleeves from..I have it so close to hooking up but cant find where to buy those sleeves...Thank

Level 14
that pic is taken from internet, and for geting "sleves" like that you have to make it your self ( paracord for example ) witch means you have to unmount the cables from the connector block where they are attatched in.
NB! NB! mess it up and you void warranty NB! NB!