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new build issues

Level 7
I've been pulling my hair out for the past two days trying to figure out what is going on with my new build. The latest BIOS (5204) was completely unstable and I couldn't run the ram at any speed other than 2133. I was able to install win10 but was getting random crashes and lockups. I am currently running on BIOS 5007, have the ram at 3733mhz, but it was a royal pain in the ass to get there. The DOCP setting was totally unstable and any OS restart was hit and miss if it would actually start again or require a CMOS reset. Once I figured out DOCP was not gonna work I started trying to adjust the memory speed manually and soon found out that any big jump in speed setting would cause a crash and cmos reset. To get to 3733mhz I had to start at 2133 and bump up the speed one setting at a time, then boot into the OS and run a quick 5 minute test with OCCT. When it passed I would reboot and bump up to the next speed then back into windows and test again. Wash, rinse, repeat for every setting up to 3733mhz. If I tried to increase from 2133 to 3200 or any other large jumps the BIOS would lock up and I would be forced to clear the CMOS. I've been running at 3733mhz for about 24 hours now and have done a 2 hour test with OCCT and ran a full memtest and both passed with no errors. However, I am still having random boot issues, mainly on restarts from the OS. Sometimes it will boot fine, other times the case fans and leds will be on but the cpu cooler fan is off and it won't boot. Some restarts it will start and shut off 2 or 3 times and then load the OS, and other times the system just sits dead with no fans or lights at all. I'm not sure what the problem is, my ram kit is listed on the QVL for 3rd gen Ryzen so its supposed to be compatible. Any ideas?

Level 16
I am not familiar with the Ryzen, but in general you don't install Windows with unstable RAM...

When I am building, before I would connect any storage drives, I would boot from an USB drive with memtest86/memtest86+ on it, and let it run several passes one after another. Higher the amount of RAM longer will take - specially if you are trying to OC the RAM... but it well worth it at the end!

I really don't think its a problem with the ram. First thing I did and I'm sorry I forgot to mention this in my first post was install my old 1700 cpu in the board and update to the latest BIOS for 3rd gen Ryzen compatibility. Then I installed the 3700X and ran a complete Memtest from a bootable flash drive before making any changes in the BIOS. That first test showed no errors, so I started trying to get the ram up to its rated speed of 3600. However, any memory setting above 2133mhz was completely unstable so I then flashed the BIOS to 5007. Once I managed to get the ram up to 3733 I ran Memtest again and it was error free. Since I have no manual overclock on the cpu I think and hope the instability is with a BIOS setting or maybe I need to wait for a new updated BIOS version. I'm trying to find a guide that explains all the BIOS settings, things are a bit different from the old BIOS on my old X370 C6H. I could be wrong but if the ram was faulty I don't think OCCT tests would have passed either.

So after my last post I noticed that my ram was only running at 2133mhz again. I went into the BIOS and checked all settings and everything looked fine. I didn't make any changes so I rebooted. Once again the system would not boot, the case fans, ram and cpu cooler leds were all lit up but the cpu cooler fan was not spinning. This time I noticed a yellow led lit up on the top right corner of the mobo. Looking through the manual it apparently indicates an issue with the ram. I am now running another Memtest, this time I'm doing a full test with 8 passes to verify the ram. My previous memtest runs were full tests and 4 passes each. This test will probably take 6 hours or more to finish. I'm still not convinced the ram is bad though as previous tests results were error free. Could this be a compatibility problem with the memory and mobo? Should I be looking at exchanging one or the other?

Level 16
Is your Ram on the QVL of the mobo?