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New build in a Carbide Air 540

Level 7
Budget: $2200
Main uses of intended build: Gaming / Watching videos / Some VMs for linux distros and testing

Right now my main system has been over heating. I cleaned it out but the airflow options for my case are severely limited and ever sense I got a 1440P monitor my games have not been as smooth as I would like.

Parts required: Corsair Carbide Air 540 (already ordered)

Previous build information (list details of parts): (take a wild guess as to why my system is overheating)

Lian li V600fx
i7 SB 2600K
16GB Corsair Vengance 1600Mhz
Zalmen 9900 cpu cooler
Corsair 120GB Neutron sata III (plan to use again)
3TB Seagate storage drive
XFX Radeon 7950
3x 120mm Antec fans
Enermax Revolution 1050 watt 80+ (plan to use again)
some optical bluray drive, cant remember what it is, don't use it any more.

Monitor resolution: 1440p Primary 1080p Secondary (60hz both)

Storage requirements: 4TB for video files, at least 240GB for games, 120GB system drive - I plan on using the Neutron again its pretty good. Looking into raid options with the z87 chipset - Not sure if trim support is there and if its worth doing for a gaming drive.

Will you be overclocking: yes
Any motherboard requirements: Intel nic is a must, or killer nic but I don't see a reason to pay more for it over intel at least not at this point in time. I prefer creative sound but right now I am not running through a high end receiver so it does not matter as much.

Extra information about desired system:

Ok, this was what I was thinking for the next build so far. Mainly trying to figure fan options and how to set up cooling in the new case. Right now the over all theme is Red and Black (Rog colors? lol)

Parts I have already ordered... just the case.
Cosair Carbide Air 540

Parts not available to me yet but I'm seriously thinking of getting
Asus Maximus VI Formula (when it comes out)
Asus GTX 780 DirectCU II OC (when it comes out. Wont be going SLI just yet, but need to push that 1440p!)

Using my Enermax Revolution 1050 again. (has the 6 and 8 pin PCIe power available)
Using my Corsair 120GB Neutron again for the system drive

CPU will be i7 4770K

Corsair Vengeance Pro 32GB kit 2400Mhz (if compatible with the board I pick)

Maybe two more Neutrons in Raid 0 if it is worth it, if not, then some sort of fast SSD for games to load from.

Here is where I am less sure... cooling.... Was thinking of getting my first liquid cooling system.

Swiftech H220
4x Corsair SP120??? (is there a better radiator fan that is not ugly noctua?)
researching fans has been giving me a headache.

Plan to do push/pull config - but not sure if its better to front mount or top mount in the case...
I would think heat rises so intake from the front would be better but then the hot air is blown directly on the graphics card.

Level 7
I would have waited and bought an Asus ROG Geforce GTX 770 Poseidon when it's released and go for a custom waterloop to cool both the CPU and GPU.

Throw in some kickass ROG and Corsair gear in the Carbide 540, red tubing and a lot of radiators, and there you have it. You would have to cut down on some other components(?) to get it under the budget, but it's totally worth it imo.
4670K | MSI GTX 770 | H100i | Maximus VI Gene | 8 GB Vengeance 1600 MHz

Custom loop is tempting but I am a complete noob and would be resistant to take the plunge. I still have yet to build and multi gpu setups even though I got a SLI boards a long time ago

(ASUS A8N-SLI 939 old school) 😃

but yea, that is very VERY tempting to do.. I could go with a 360 radiator with the bright red liquid would be boss.

Level 7
I like that case.Its different.
Its got room for a lot of RAD
Maximus VII Apex
Intel i7 10700k @ 5GHZ
Custom Water Cooling
Patriot Viper Steel 4400 17-17-17-36-300-2t
GeForce RTX 2080 Hydro Copper
WD Black NVMe 750 500g
Seasonic Focus GX-850
Lian LI O11D XL
Dell S3220DF Monitor
Vanatoo T 0s speaker system
ROG mouse
Audio Technica ATH-AD 2000x headphones
AE-9 Sound Blaster

Yea, I kinda like the idea of being able to hid every thing in the back compartmant.. I'm terrible at cable management. So going to stuff every thing into the gromets and have the cables pop out were they are needed. Was thinking of getting some sleeved cables to make it a bit more custom of a look. (not sure if Im going to get red or black yet )

Level 13
I really like the new Air 540 and am waiting for it to land in the uk. Corsair have done a good job on this one 😄 Although i'm not too keen on the location of the Hdd mount's.
I look forward to some pics of your build.

seems over whelming to try to go WC but this kit seems very complete.

Level 7
I was thinking of looking into the EK H30 360 kit (If it will fit in my case, that radiator is FAT)


Was wondering what you guys think about that for a water cooling solution? I have never done water cooling before (or even closed loop for that matter)