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New build, I confused myself

Level 7
Hello all,
First time build and first time here.
I have all but completed my build but I have stumped myself and could use some help.
Here is my build
NZXT H440 Case
Asus Maximus Vi formula MB
i7 4770k Cpu
Corsair H100i cooler
16 gb Corsair vengeance Pro 2400mhz Ram
Asus GTX770 GPU
Corsair RM 850 PSU
250 g Samsung SSD
1TB Seagate 7200
Now for my problem,
I'm have everything ready to power on but I have watched to many video's and read to many articles. I got myself confused.
The GPU power supply do I use the adapter provided with the GPU or just use a single 6+2 cable to connect to both the 8 pin and the 6 pin?
Sorry for the simple question.


Level 40
Hey Morgan1952 🙂

Just use one cable to each power connection. If you have two 6+2 cables simply use one to fully populate the 8 pin connector and the other leave the +2 part dangling and connect the 6 pin part to the GPU...

Hello Morgan1952 welcome to the ROG forum. Your psu should have the pci express power cables for your gpu. If your gtx 770 has both a 6 pin and an 8 pin power connector you want to connect them both preferably with the pci express psu cables not the gpu adapter.

Level 40
In the user guide from your PSU there will be a diagram showing the power connectors. You need the one with PCIe written on the connector.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 7
I appreciate the help, My PSU came with three PCIe connectors which is a eight pin on one end and two 6+2's on the other. I didn't see the diagram in the manual but I think I have it now.
Thanks again.

Level 40
Just so I understand...the PCIe connectors have an 8pin end for the PSU and then have two connectors on the end...serial? If so I would recommend using two separate cables to supply the power to the card...i.e. have one entire connector unused per cable.

I'm not a fan of the two connectors off one cable....when GPUs draw power they draw current and I'd prefer to supply each connection over a different cable to be honest. Especially high end cards and especially if OCing. Maybe it's a superstition but I'd be happier that way...

You are correct in your understanding of the cord.
Your point taken, I feel pretty much the same. I did not get a manual with the PSU. it was a new PSU and still factory sealed. I did finally find it on youtube and they said to daisy chain them using only one per GPU. I think I will take your advise. Thanks
Another question, which OS system do all of you recommend, I have no exp with Windows 8 or 8.1?
Thanks again

Level 40
I would go with Windows 8.1 faster and more efficient and gives better performance with some of the latest games...such as BF4...

Thanks, I have been trying to decide couldn't make up my mind. lol 🙂
I just picked up a new monitor today and now I have to decide on the keyboard and mouse.
Thanks again

Level 40
Nah, you're welcome :)...sounds like a nice build coming together over there!