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New build help - Asus Z97Pro

Level 7
Ok, to start, here is the build. I recommended this build to a friend with his budget. I offered to build it for him and I am hitting a couple snags. MAIN PROBLEM: No video to monitor via HDMI or DVI - Code 00 on motherboard.

Asus Z97 Pro
Intel i5-4670k LGA1150
EVGA nvidia gtx 960
G.Skill Trident X DDR3-2400 PC-19200 2x8GB
PSU - Rosewill 1000w Lighting Gold

Problem - We are not getting any video input.

When we power up, all fans spin, except the video card. We did some research and saw that some of he 9series do not spin unless they reach a certain temp. So we tried an old AMD 3870 we had, and same problem no video, fans not spinning.

So thinking it could be the PSU, we bought a new PSU (that rosewill 1000w mentioned above) and it didnt fix the prbolem for the video. We test both cards.

The CPU has no bent pins and we installed the standard fan that was provided with it.

The error code that we have been recieving since day 1 is error 00.

To what ive read, this means that everything is normal.

Basically, the only thing that hasnt been replaced to test is the RAM (which we have tried 1 or 2 sticks in the slots according to the manual. And the motherboard/cpu.

Is sending back the motherboard the next step? Or did I miss something else to try?

Thank you for all the support! ASUS YOU GUYS ROCK!

Hello dbpavey

Code 00 is not normal.

The first thing to check is if you have the 8 pin cpu power cable connected. If it's connected and you still have code 00 it's either the cpu or the motherboard.

Level 7
8 pin is in, motherboard power is in, and so is vid card. but no video card spins. no matter which pci-e slot we put it in. i do not have another cpu to try, or mobo .49439

Level 14
did you guys buy it in a local store or online?

try only 1 ram chip and 1 GPU only and see if enny diffrence.

it CAN be the CPU that is DOA, witch can happen.
if you did buy it at a local store, get a tube of TIM ( termal compound ).

kkn wrote:
try only 1 ram chip and 1 GPU only and see if enny diffrence.

try this first to see if it works.
no need to have enny thing else instaled on the mobo, not even cd-rom or drives.
if you can get in to bios this way you are one step closer.

memory is it 1 kit or 2 single?

Level 7
Everything was bought from newegg.

I do not have another cpu to test, but would that cause the video card fans not to spin?