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New build give me headache

Level 8

Hello, sorry for my poor english, i speak french. I build a lot of computers since 20 years, im 43 yo. Never had this much trouble with a new build.


I just build a 13900ks with a z790-e gaming, 2 pcie 4 ssd, and some 7600mt ram on the QVL list (F5-7600J3646G16GX2-TZ5RS), and nvidia 4090 that was in my previous build, and corsair 1200w shift power supply.

I started by flashing bios using usb stick to latest version (0816)

Posted to bios, loaded defaults. Then installed windows 11.

Then installed chipset, including intel ME + lastest firmware update to ME,

Installed drivers for audio, nvidia etc.

Installed steam + somes games etc.


Then after all that was done, i enebled xmp profile in bios, then posted fine and booted windows. Never had problems with xmp before, but did a big mistake there, i did not run memtest to be sure it was stable. Started playing games, all games crash to desktop. Checking realibity history and it crash with hardware error code 141.


Then to find the problem, did run memtest directly from motherboard and it give me errors. So i thought i just found the problem. Tryed another pair of ram thinking it might be defective, same problems. So i lowered the frequency of the ram. Instead of 7600, i used 6600 (with the same timing). Ran memtest all over the 4 pass (took a few hours) 0 errors. Was a bit sad i had to lower frequency but still high enough anyway. So went back to windows, playing games again, and they all still crash to desktop (maybe after 30min-1h of gaming). Never had bluescreen or lockup, just games stopping and back to desktop without any message. Again, realibity history say hardware errors code 141.


Online research say it is normally related to GPU drivers, so uninstalled nvidia drivers with DDU, reinstalled lasted drivers, that did not fixed anything. The video card was in my last build (amd 5900x) and never had any problems. So i decided to run ram stock (4800) and so far did not crashed games. I will need more testing, but so far anything i try with xmp enable, even low frequency, even if it pass memetest it crash games after some time. Last test i did was not using xmp, putted 5600 for frequency, and copied lowest timing from a 5600 kit i saw (28-34-34-89) and gamed for 2h without any crash.


I read that primary timing are not very important with ddr5, so im not very satisfied about that. Im a bit lost, and it eat lots of time testing all this. I was expecting memory officially supported by MB to work out of the box with a 13900ks... I was wrong but im worrying i have a bad cpu or bad motherboard.... ram is OK im pretty sure.


What do you guys think? any idea?