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New build comming up!

Level 7
Hai guys

After a long time entering this great forum, i was thinking to share my next build:) Normaly i will begin end this weekend with building (whene everythign is arrived) Sow i still do prefer some advise etc on this one, like it will it be fully copmatible etc... I've allready checked the ram compatibility, after dl the manual from asus,beceause that was my mistake 4 years ago....I'm also new with liquid cpu cooling and the uefi bios. Sow hopefuly it fits in my collosus case (does support 140mm) and everything works out well and i will come with some pics, here are the specs...:cool:

Rog front panel
Ramapage V Etreme
G-Skill 16 GB CL15 2133Mhz (later 32GB)
I7 5820K (liquid cooled-corsair h90)
SSD Corsair (240 GB)
G-Force 980 Strix 4GB (later another one in sli)
Be-Quiet Pro 8 900W PSU

Level 15
Hello RoG,

As far as compatibility goes, you have nothing to worry about. But I would recommend you get the 32GB kit if you have the money or save up for it. The reason is that there is no 100% guarantee that mixing two kits of RAM, even if they are identical, will work. It's a hit or miss situation. To avoid any future headaches, get the 32GB kit if that's what you have planned.

Level 7
Thnx fore the advise,yep i'm planning to add another 16 and the second GPu , later this year... I'm not New in building rigs, sow i don't understand why there is a chance that i maybe ging to have some issue's? As long it is the exact same ram, there's no problem right? Unfortunatly, i don't have any more budget to swap to the 32GB, as the 16, arrived Today.... but i understand you, while further thinking.... Hopefuly he's Gonna reconize the additional 16 later on, i do personaly thinks, there's isn' te a small chance hè won't... I'm more troubled with the water cooling...

Ps if i had the money i woud have definatly taken the 64GB 🙂