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Need some help on a vivobook 17 M712

Level 7
Hey guys, I just recently upgraded my laptop with a backlit keyboard. it DID NOT come with one originally.

got it installed without any issues but cannot get it to turn on, I have tried updating the BIOS, the was no ATK package installed but instead have the ASUS control center 3.0, I uninstalled it and re-installed, deleted the drivers for the keyboard and re-installed them, found the most recent ATK package and installed that, have started the HControl.exe and nothing seems to help, still can't get the lights to work, I tested the lights by supplying power to the ribbon cable and the lights do work, just can't seem to get them working when connected to the motherboard.

my assumption is that the BIOS for my specific system is not configured to send power to that port. does anyone know if I can install the BIOS for a model similar to mine but that came with lights factory??? if so, does anyone have any idea which model might work??