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Need Some advice on video editing pc

Level 7
Whats up peeps, some of you may remember me if not im diff lol,
You guys were a massive help with my last build and i was wondering if you guys could help create me a shopping list for
a rendering pc.

So the reason i havnt been posting much is becuase all i do now is work, play edit and i would love to be able to play/edit and render
at the same time. Im hoping to spend no more then say $600 (last time i had a 2k budget and it went to like 6k) less would be good and its sole purpose would be to render after effects files. usual types of video are 1080p 60fps 50mbps, if i can provide anymore info please let me know,thanks hope you can help

Budget: 600
Main uses of intended build: rendering aftereffects video projects (no editing just render)
Parts NOT required: case, monitor, peripherals
Previous build information (list details of parts):
Corsair 540Air Case
Asus Rampage IV Formula
Intel 3930K
Corsair H100i
32GB Corsair Dominatior Platinum RAM
Asus GTX 780 Direct CU ii
Asus STX Essence Sound Card
Asus Orion Pro Headset
Corsair AX 1200 PSU
x3 Samsung 840 Pro SSD's
x1 WD Red 3TB
Asus VG278H 144hz 27" Monitor
Asus PB278Q 27" Monitor
CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Keyboard
Razer Mamba 2013

Monitor resolution: nil
Storage requirements:
Will you be overclocking: if recommended

Level 9
I would get 1 big SSD instead of 3, unless you you plan on a RAID0 configuration and then you would only need 2. The Rampage IV is a bit of over kill since you will be running a single video card, is there a reason for the EATX system board? If not I would go with a P9X79 or a Sabertooth X79 and save $125++. Corsair makes great RAM but you are paying for the name, might I suggest G.Skill Trident X DDR3-1866 CAS 8 - really good Ram for about $100 less. You can also get a AX860i or AX760 power supply, I do not see any reason for 1200w.

I could go on and on but there is no way you can build anything close to what you want for $600. I could design a good video editing system for around $1200 to $1500.
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Hey man thanks for your reply but that list is my current pc lol,
for the render pc i emagined like an miniITX i could stick under my desk,
I need to have a look and find what drains the most, i know i dont need a powerful graphics card
but i was hope someone here might have experience in building one, im sure il figure it out

Level 14
if it is for doing and edit movies like that, get loads of ram.
onboard graphics.
"mabye" a hyper tread cpu ( non K ).
ssd, 120 for OS and 250 for rendering ( unless you need more ) and a hdd to save it all on ( large )
PSU in the range of 5-600W ( this is whit out GPU )

or you can look around for a used PC?

Level 10
With 600USD, you will not build a pc even close to being acceptable.

I would honestly Just use that pc.
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Level 40
hey differential! 🙂

Your current system would of course do it best but I guess you just want to shunt this rendering work off to another machine and enjoy what you've got gaming etc. 😉

best bang for the buck would be AMD 8 core CPU but 600 for the full system is a bit low?

See what you reckon to something like this AUD

Like kkn says maybe look for second hand rig with similar specs if 600 really is the limit....