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Need help with set up

Level 8

 Help with my purchase


 AMD Ryzen™ 7 7700X

1TB WD Black SN770 M.2 (2280) PCIe 4.0 (x4) NVMe SSD

1TB WD Blue SA510, 2.5" SSD, SATA II

I am starting to think i have made a mistake so need a little help   with set up . The M.2 is pcie 4.0  but the board  has alot of  pcie 5.0 and only one  pcie 4.0  so could i use the first slot  knowing it will run at the pci 4.0 speed  for windows  or used the  WD blue for windows and stick the m.2 in the only  pcie 4.0 slot for storage 

I brought the board for long term  and will eventually buy a M.2 gen 5  or do i return and go for intel 



Level 8

The NVME M.2 is way faster than the SSD Sata.  Use your M.2 in the primary/first PCIE 5.0 M.2 slot for Windows.  Connect the SSD Sata as Storage.  This will be the fastest and "my" opinion.

PCIE 5.0 is still relatively new... there aren't even 5.0 video cards available yet.  In Canada, there are 2 options for PCIE 5.0 M.2 hard drives at my local store - and the price vs speed difference compared to PCIE 4.0 is not even justifiable.  I suspect you won't actually be buying 5.0 for a while.

Thank you  for your reply . After watching many pc builds on You Tube  and pausing  when they fitted the M.2 to see what type they was fitting  ie pcie 4.0 or pcie 5.0 many  were  the 4.0 , so your reply confirms what i worked out .The pc i built  abou t 11 yrs ago and using at present is the Crosshair v formula z  with fx 6350  how things have changed.

Once again many thanks for your  reply and answer