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Need help finding drivers for ASUS Prime Z390-P Mobo

Level 7
I'm running Windows 10 and I want to try Windows 11 and it says on the mobo box and ASUS site that this mobo is Windows 11 ready but yet they do not list any drivers for it just Windows 10,what's up with that.

Super Moderator

Have you tried actually installing the drivers from the support page?
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No because they are listed for Windows 7 and 10 only.

wade7575 wrote:
No because they are listed for Windows 7 and 10 only.


What Silent Scone probably wanted to ask you is if have you tried using Windows 10 drivers with Windows 11. Anyway :

You need these firmware/drivers for your ASUS PRIME Z390-P motherboard :

[FIRMWARE] Intel ME (H310/B360/H370/Z390)

[DRIVERS] Intel Chipset/MEI/SATA/VMD (1xx/2xx/3xx/4xx/5xx/6xx/7xx)

- Intel Chipset Drivers

- Intel MEI Drivers (Drivers Only)

- Intel SATA AHCI-RAID Drivers (Drivers Only) :

Drivers - 2xx/3xx

[DRIVERS] Realtek Ethernet/WiFi/Bluetooth

- Realtek Ethernet Drivers (Drivers Only) :

Drivers - Windows 11

[DRIVERS] Realtek Audio (MB | Intel 2xx/3xx/4xx/5xx/6xx/7xx & AMD 3xx/4xx/5xx/6xx)

You have an ASUS PRIME Realtek motherboard, so :

You need Realtek Audio Drivers (UAD - ASUS ROG/TUF/PRIME RTK MB) from the first post of the thread.

Follow scrupulously your CLEANUP process then your INSTALL process, for the next drivers packages that I would release, you will can directly follow your UPDATE process.