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Need help building this PC

Level 7
These are the specs of the PC I plan to build
CPU: AMD FX 9590
Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooh 990FX R2.0
Video Card:Gigabyte R9 280 OC 3GB
Memory: 16GB Kingstone(2x8)
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
Power Supply: Cooler Master GX 750W 80+ Certified Semi-Modular ATX
Storage: 1TB HDD Western Digital Caviar Blue
Case: Overseer RX-I Full Tower
ODD: LG GH24NS90 DVD/CD Writer
I have some doubts about this build:
-Can the Case handle the size of the Video Card?
-Can the Power Supply handle all the parts?
-Is the CPU Cooler enough for the CPU?
-Will I have any problem with the CPU and the Motherboard?
Well, thats all. If there is any problem(especially with the power supply), What should I change to make this build possible?

Level 15
Hi there, if you're only going to use 1 VGA then the 750W will be more than enough to power your system. As for the question about the case, i've never heard of that manufacturer, but, most specs sheets should tell you the maximum card length you can use. And no, I don't think the CPU cooler will be enough. I would recommend you get an AIO cooler, for example the Corsair H100, H105 or if your case can make room for it, the H110.

Level 40
Yes, I would definitely get a liquid AIO cooler for that CPU...

Apart from that all good...just make sure board has BIOS1708 or later for CPU support...

Level 9
Think about changing your choice of an AMD FX-9590 (thermal A-bomb) to an AMD FX-8370E, which runs at a reasonable base clock and is easily overclockable to 4.5+Ghz, if you need the power. 😉

No SSD plans for OS? :eek:
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Level 7
you need a aio water cooler on that processor i am on my 2nd one because i burnt it out with a air cooler but now i have a h110 and it runs like a dream