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Need expert help for deciding

Level 7

A friend of mine asked me to help him with this. He has $2000 budget and he needs something good for work (documents, presentations, light video editing) and gaming. I considered the following options:

1. Macbook pro + ps4

Macbook pro is probably one of the best laptops for work. It's thin and light, has brilliant screen, long battery life and excellent keyboard and trackpad. Core i5 and 8 GB of RAM is probably enough for all work and 265GB of ssd is a lot. If it rums out you can still get external hdd. This version of Macbook pro costs $1600.
Ps4 is probably the best budget choice for gaming. It has 8 core cpu, 8 GB RAM, good gpu and 500GB hard drive. DualShock 4 is also very good. Since my friend has a FHD TV (not really fancy one but still), he can play at 1920x1080. The ps4 costs $400.

2. Macbook air + gaming pc

Macbook air doesnt have the screen of Macbook pro, but still has enough power for less demanding tasks. I considered the 4gb RAM 128GB ssd model for $1000.
This leaves $1000 for gaming rig. I came up with the following:

Cpu: intel 4670k ($200)
Mobo: ROG Maximus vi hero ($200)
RAM: 8GB g skill ($100)
Gpu: Rog striker 760 ($300)
Cooler: corsair h100i ($100)
Psu: corsair cs 750 w ($100)
Case: a really cheap one
Hdd: he already has one

3. Only gaming pc

So maybe a $2000 gaming pc would be o.k. for everything he does, even though he said he'd prefer to have something portable. Anyway, this is what i considered:

CPU: Intel Core™ i5 4770K ($300)
RAM: G.Skill 8 Gb ($100)
GPU: 2x ASUS Striker GTX 760 4 GB sli ($600)
MOBO: ASUS MAXIMUS VI Formula ($250)
PSU: CORSAIR RM 850w ($150)
Case: Cooler master Cosmos II ($370)
Cooling: CORSAIR Cooling Hydro Series H100i ($110)
SSD: SAMSUNG 840 PRO series 128GB ($120)

So what do you think? Which one should i tell him to choose? I know that z97 is coming out, he might wait for them. But still, this doestn change the price.


Level 10
No macs plz. Too overpriced.
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Level 7
Ok, ok, maybe some other laptop then. But what do you think about gr8, g20, gx500, razer blade or desktop pc. Which one should my friend get, or which combo (maybe gr8 + a laptop)? Overall budget is around $2000.