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Need assistance with AIO orientation

Level 8

HI all,


Just a quick question. I have a Ryujin II 360 ARGB, can I just want to check if it is okay for me to front or side mount it with tubes up.


Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Level 11

Hi, With my understanding, any orientation, with the only rule, that the CPU block

is not the highest point, only because the pump is not at the highest point as

the pump is also in the block. Air will allways rise to the highest point and don't

want the pump drying out. Then have to think about Push or pull

configuration, and to push cool air from outside case through Rad 

intake config vs exhaust config... good luck, hope this helps.

Level 14

Yeah, front/side mounted with tubes up is just fine, as long as the top of the radiator is at/near the top of the case.  You just need to have the CPU block below the highest point of the radiator.  Air will find the highest point of the loop and stay there, and the pump in an AIO is not strong enough to push that air down and back around the loop.

The Gamers Nexus video that sparked the debate about AIO orientation was widely misinterpreted.  Steve from GN subsequently clarified that the key point is just not having the pump as the highest point of the loop.

Hmm ok, I take it for my case shouldn't be a problem as the height of the cpu block will be roughly between the top and middle fan on the radiator if I install it tubes up?

The pump is in the cpu block and not the radiator right?

Yeah, the Ryujin pump is in the CPU block.  CPU in about the middle of the radiator's height, should be just fine.

Thanks so much!

I just realised you are the same person that I am talking to, on another thread. lolll