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Need advise on New Asus Rog build

Level 7

My last Rog build (2014 custom water build)... well... the mobo died. I have a few good computer parts left which I can reuse. But, I need to upgrade.

Here's the list and if there is a suggestion on a product, please give it.
1. Asus Rog x570 Crosshair viii hero (non wifi version). Still have an EK Supremacy WB for the intel cpu, just need the AM4 bracket.
2. Ryzen 3900x
3. G. SKill Trident Z Neo 3600 (4x16) (64GB)
4. Asus Rog Strix rtx 2080 super Advanced OC - 2 of them
5. Asus Rog Geforce rtx Nvlink 3 slot

If I water cool the gpus, i was thinking of the the Barrow LRC 2.0 full coverage GPU water block for the Asus Rog strix rtx2080ti/2080. It states on the barrow website that this wb supports this type of card. If there are any other suggestions on the type of wb that would be recommended, please reply or anything on the build.

Updating : also, looking at the Phantek Glacier rtx 2080ti asus strix edition GPU block. Apparently, this block can be used by the Asus card.

Also, will waterblocks work with the Asus Rog nvlink?

Any suggestions will be appreciated!

Level 10
Looks like a very good build to me. Keep in mind that running an SLI setup on this motherboard, the PCIe operating mode will be x8 and installed in slots 2 & 3.

Level 7

Sorry for coming back to this. I got the mobo, x3900 cpu, and the ram. I ordered the bracket for the EKWB evo supremacy wb. Has anyone used the ekwb supremacy evo universal block on this cpu? Hopefully this will work.