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Need A New Case

Level 7
Hi All,

I need a new case for my recent build/upgrade. Only requirements are:

- Budget = £40-£50(ish)
- Airflow case (I don't have water-cooling)
- Needs to house ATX MoBo (ASUS PBZ77-V LX2)
- Needs to house x3 HDDs (3.5inch)
- Needs to house x1 DVD-RW (5.5icnh)
- GPU is very long (MSI GTX760 Twin Forzr - 26 x 12.7 x 3.8 cm)

I really want the case to have decent top vents to help dump the heat. I like the look of the Zalman Z9, it has a good price and good reviews for a budget case, however im not sure about the fact its has a meshed side. The Z11 has reviews that say it has bad build quality and the Z3. Are there any other good competitors out there i should keep an eye on?

I'd also love to have a windowed case, but its not vital.

Thanks in advance.

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Level 14
take a look at the corsair 750D ( dont know the price but its up there )

Level 7
I would recommend taking a look at the Phanteks Enthoo Pro. I just re-watched a YouTube Review by Bill Owen from last night.

I believe the windowed version is less than $100.00 USD, and the non-window version is approx. $10.00 less. (Not sure about prices in the UK).

Whatever case(s) you are interested in, I would strongly recommend trying to see them in person, or at least watch a good, critical review so you will learn the pro & con aspects up front. No case will be perfect, and they all have some things that will not meet your total satisfaction. Research will help minimize the build headache, and wasted expenditure of hard-earned money.
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Level 10
Antec 900 or one of the CM HAF cases.
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Level 7
NZXT Switch 810 should be close to your budget...

Level 7
I just did a build with the corsair 300R, which turned out great. Nice case, plenty of fan locations, lots of vent holes, couldn't ask for more. It isn't the best if you intend doing large radiator water cooling, but for air its awesome. I crammed the big phanteks cooler into mine with zero problems
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