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NB: Silent Gaming & Workstation Computer

Level 7

So I will FINALLY build together a new Stationary PC around March/April 2014. It was over 10 years since I last built a stationary rig DIY style and my god. How much progress have been made.

Anyways I need some help piecing together Silent but Perfoming computer that I will OC but not to the extreme.

Budget: 5000-5500usd
Main uses of intended build: SILENT Gaming & Working (Photoshop PSD Layers, HD Video Editing, Editing 16mb+ .raw Photos)
Parts required: New rig from Scratch.
Previous build information: Keyboard & Mouse
Monitor resolution: 3 monitors will be used but don't know what res to run at.
Storage requirements: 2x SSD Raid 0 for Boot & Edit 1x Storage Mechanical drive.
Will you be overclocking: yes
Any motherboard requirements (no. of USB, Xfire/SLI, fan headers):
Extra information about desired system:

The nr1. Goal is to have a Silent High-Performing rig. The Computer IS NOT intended to be a Bling Bling "show the goddies" with a window etc. rig. If that could be had without compromising noise levels then I'll consider it but the rig needs to be QUIET.

I will be doing a custom Watercooling loop.

Additional Note:
Below I will list the parts I am thinking about so far. Please not that in my Budget I am looking at having 1 monitor included. The other 2 I can buy afterwards. Cost for Watercooling not included in Budget (treated as extra).

Chassi: Fractal Design Define R4
PSU: Unkown, will go High end. Main goal is Quiet, High energy efficiency. I'm thinking somthing from or similar to Be Quiet?
MOBO: Maximus VI Formula (use onboard crosschill with watercooling)
CPU: i7-4770K
RAM: 32GB - Need suggestion on Brand, Type & Speed (Goal is to prevent bottleneck) - Possibly use Ramdisk.
GPU: 2x EVGA Geforce GTX 780ti Hydro Copper
SSD: 2x Samsung SSD 840 PRO 512gb (Raid 0)
HDD: WD Desktop Green 3TB
MONITOR: Need suggestion for 3-monitor setup for Gaming & HD Video Editing. I spend A LOT of hours behind the monitor.

Suggestion needed. I don't need the nr1 focus to be Ultimate Perfomance. My main goal is Silent High Performance. Clear (non Dyed) fluid. Solid color tubing / or clear.

I have also been thinking about using the same overall build as above but do a
MOBO: Rampage IV Extreme - Black Edition
CPU: i7-4930K

I am not sure what would be the better Alternative for my needs. RIVE or Maximus?

Any feedback and help on this matter is greatly appreciated. It's A LOT of money
but I've been holding back for YEARS due to a Bad Debt that is finally paid off so
I can allow myself to go a bit "Overboard" 🙂
Laptop: ROG Asus G750JH

Level 7
Another Chassi Alternative

Is the Corsair 550d
Laptop: ROG Asus G750JH

Level 18
WOW .. Nice job for 'being out of it for 10 years' .. you did your homeworks looks like to me. cudos.
Welcome to ROG.

Psu: Seasonic [comes to the top every time it's tossed around in here]
Memory: I'm partial to the Corsair Dominator Platinums
GPU's: I know you have chosen a dandy with those GTX's, but also consider closely the new R9's 290x

Custom water loops can be tricky .. There are many here with a ton of experience in
that - and can point you in the right direction for components.

Chassis: You need one with room for your cooling solution .. or where you can take stuff out
to put stuff in .. in other words.
other options:

Lastly, I'd like to throw in my two cents on HD's:
imho- It is better to spread 3TB across a few drives. Drives fail. Avoid the tears.imho
Also, I am a big fan of Raptors .. but not for long term storage.

Monitors: As to resolution: 1920x1080 is easiest on the eyes I am told.
As you could imagine I have a warm spot for Asus brand and they have
some really great new monitors out. btw.
BenQ is pretty amazing I must admit as well:

Best of Luck friend. Please keep us 'posted'. .c.

Level 14
for cooling those cards you need a case whit room and same for the CPU.
a 240 rad will not do the trick ( 2 x 120mm fan slot ).
try 2x 120 fan slot for each OC'd component ( the EVGA cards are clocked more then stock cards ).
take a look at the corsair 900D or cases in the E-atx range ( full tower )

Level 7

Hi Guys,

Thanks a ton for your feedback. Although the Fractal Design Define R4 is nice,
it seems like it is at the smallest chassi I can sort of fit the components into.

If I want to upgrade it then "forget about it". I am then looking for a full tower case
that has sound dampening materials instead of a Window. I'm thinking of maybe
a Fractal Design Define XL R2

I will look into the Corsair Obsidian 800D and 900D. I generally like these More then the
Fractal Design ones but I wonder how I can use a full metal side panel with sound dampening?
Laptop: ROG Asus G750JH

Level 7

Corsair Obsidian 900D

I have been looking but haven't been able to find a Obsidian 900D Solid Left panel.
The idea would be to get some custom sound dampening materals and pad both the left
and right side.

I found the right panel but that wouldn't work on the left side right?
Laptop: ROG Asus G750JH

Level 14
i have not tested to switch over the panels my self so i cant say for shure it will work or not.
all in all its the fans and the sound they make thats the final thing when it comes to noice.

kkn wrote:
i have not tested to switch over the panels my self so i cant say for shure it will work or not.
all in all its the fans and the sound they make thats the final thing when it comes to noice.

So basically I can focus on a Corsair Obsidian 800D or 900D, focus on Silent high performance fans + Silent running high performance (effective) radiators. and possibly add noise dampening materials to the right panel of the 900D?
Laptop: ROG Asus G750JH

Level 7
So I looked into the Amd 290X vs the Geforce GTX 780ti by checking out this video:

I do love the idea behind Mantle and the Sound development off the 290X. What I don't like it's that it can't yet be watercooled since it's running quite hot. Therefor it doesn't OC as well as the 780ti. Sure there "could" be an advantage of the 290x vs 780ti in 4K gaming but I won't be doing that for years to come.

Therefor I am still sticking to the 2x EVGA Geforce GTX 780ti Hydro Copper as mentioned above.

If there are some Watercooling solutions for the 290x around March/April next year then I will have another look at it.
Laptop: ROG Asus G750JH

Level 14
if thats an option then i would guess so.
if i remember ill try and see if i can switch over the doors on mine later today.
just remember the 900d case is huge.
i have mabye 1 or 2 fans thats making noice and they are connected to the mobo and not to the fan controller so that may be the problem whit me as of now.
where are you going to buy parts from??