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My thread about Asus PSU was marked as spam

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I have really serious question about one of your products I bought. I described it in details as they are important hoping to get useful information, and advice. But thread was marked as spam. I wonder why?



Hey DmytroUA,

Unfortunately, sometimes the spam filter is a bit overzealous, so apologies about that! Could you elaborate a bit about what you posted?

Hi, world!

I have been using AsusTuf Gaming 750 w 80+ Bronze
for more than six months. Only now I suddenly thought about what is the safe temperature of the power supply. Such thoughts were not provoked by excitement due to the high temperature of PC components, the case (deepcool cg560) is blown well, all temperatures are absolutely satisfactory, except that the temp is confusing. CMOS on the motherboard (without radiator) - during a relatively light load (a stream of non-AAA games in 1080p 60 fps on Twitch and YouTube), which remains between 75-80 (sometimes a little over 80)C for a long time. On the first page of google, I went to a page that very carefully explained how important it is not to have a high temperature of the power supply. Since this  device does not have its own means of monitoring, a reliable way is to simply try to measure the temperature of the air that is blown out of the psu fan phisically. It is noted in that artical that it is good if the psu`s temperature is approximately equal to the temperature of the room where the computer is located, in a state of relative rest. And under load, if the temperature rises by no more than 7-8 degrees. When I raised my hand, I felt hot air, which, however, was not blowing out very actively, I would even say weak, and when I touched the perforated iron of the case, of course, it did not burn, but I felt that it was really hot, and therefore it turned out, that the temperature is significantly higher than +8 or even +10 degrees to room temperature (around 23-25 in the room) during load. So I was a bit stressed, especially when I remembered how during the installation of the psu I read the manual, looked at the pictures, which clearly showed that the psu should be installed with the fan facing up. But I have a deepcool cg560, which does not have a perforation of the case psu cover(or how to call it properly). Besides, I watched many videos of PC builds, and almost always I saw that the psu of different brands are installed with the fan facing down. So I did the same. And then I wanted to ask about this moment on the Asus official site, here. But no matter how hard I tried, I could not register for some reason and I just moved on. And now I remembered. So please, help me clarify this. 
Regards, Dmytro



Thanks for the info! Just to make sure I'm understanding you correctly your concern is that the temperature seems quite high on your power suppl, right?


I have a few questions for you to try to narrow down the potential issue a bit:

  • Can you list your PC specs? Just so I can have an understanding of how much power you're drawing when the system is under load.
  • I looked up your case, and looking at images, and it looks like there are perforations below the PSU, so having the fan facing downward shouldn't be a significant problem. Is there a clear pathway for air to flow in from the bottom of your case?
  • When the PSU is running hot, is the fan spinning? Your power supply should automatically turn the fan on when it needs to cool itself more, so just want to make sure the fan is responding to the temperature.

Hi! Yes, you understand me correctly. My specs are as follows: i5 11400f, rtx 3060 12 gb oc, 32gb ram running on 3200mhz, Gigabyte B560M DS3H V2 motherboard, bx 2250 monitor, HDT722516DLA380 hard drive (I don`t use it at all), SPCC Solid State Disk (SSD), KINGSTON SNVS500G (SSD), WD My Book 1140 USB Device, Razer DeathAdder 3.5G mouse, hator earthquake usb optical keyboard, xbox wireless controller, logitech f310 gamepad, win 11 64 bit home.

And also I use powerwalker basic line-interactive VI 1500 stl ups.

As to sound of psu fan - I`m really not sure! For more than half year honestly I couldn`t remember I could say for once I heard psu fan clearly! When I started thinkin about it, I downed my head how much closer to place where psu located when pc under load, but I never was sure I really heard anything. Maybe it`s because of sounds of other fans  - I have 4 case preinstalled and I added one more to upper case panel.  All fans incl cpu fan ( be quiet! pure rock slim 2) are really silent most of the time, I can hear clearly except that sound of gpu fans for short period of time and that`s it.  Oh, I forgot - one more fan, pretty silent but I can hear it always to my pity is ups `s fan. So please understand me right - I` m really not sure if I ever heard psu fan even when pc under load. Maybe it works so quietly that I just can`t hear it above other sounds, or maybe it doesn`t work at all - I really don`t know. All I hear from place where psu located is constant quiet but pretty deep sound.

How psu fan( exatly this psu) should sound like so I can recognize it maybe? Maybe I should have install it fan facing up just like in manual? And what is bad and critical temperature for this psu? How to check for sure if fan works at all?

Hi again! I remembered now, at times I can hear deep low sound for short period of time (about 10 -15 secs or so)  - maybe it is exactly psu fan but I just didn`t identify it in proper way. But I can`t hear this sound when my pc is under load for quite a long time and it`s really hot air out of psu and  psu`s  perforated panel is really hot. So why don`t fan start working if psu is really hot?

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is it ai make the decision?

I don`t know.