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My testimony using Freesync monitor with Nvidia GPU

Level 7
Good day! Just wanted to give a little testimony on using a Freesync monitor with my EVGA SC2 1080 Ti. I got the 27" ASUS Rog Strix XG27VQ. Along with the gaming PC I have 32 GB ram Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB and a Asus Rog Strix Z370-E Gaming mobo, along with a i7 8700K intel CPU with the EVGA 280mm CLC. With this, I also have my xbox one X hooked up to the HDMI port in the monitor and the displayport is going to the PC. Now, when using it on my xbox one X, as it has a AMD chip in it, it runs BEAUTIFULLY better than my LG monitor with IPS on it. The VA deep colors are just amazing. I was like omg this is so much nicer than my LG 29-UM69G gaming monitor that is the ultrawide screen with an IPS panel. When its hooked up to my gaming PC, it also looks beautiful. One thing I had boggling in my mind...G-sync and screen tearing. At first when I got this PC from cyberpowerpc, there was some slight screen tearing and game lag, but after uninstalling a few weird free software from cyberpowerpc, my problems went away in regards to screen tearing, a bit. Then I went into the Fortnite settings and changed the settings to give me the most compatible settings in regards to FPS/refresh rate. Still a little lag on my gaming of World of Tanks, ships, air planes and changed out my Zotac amp! (not extreme) 1080 Ti, then put in my EVGA SC2 that I've been using for 3-4 weeks of mining, into my PC and works perfectly alongside my EVGA 280mm CLC. I uninstalled "Magix" software that included music making, auto updating, etc. Screen tearing issues are gone completely during fortnite and starcraft. I researched online on why my games would lag and found out it was mostly my Magix software. Also my Norton Antivirus was giving me problems in regards to various things that I dont know about but I know it made a negative difference in the stability of my software and the stability of windows running smoothly without blue screens.Thus I uninstalled Norton.

So aside from the side information above, I was searching for the past 2 weeks, for another monitor preferably G-sync to hook up to my gaming PC and use my XG27VQ on my xbox one X and keep it hooked up to my PC as a secondary monitor. I got the Acer XB241H 1080p Gsync with 144hz and I could NOT stand the TN panel giving off colors and no matter what setting I tried changing it to, the colors being "off" compared to my VA panel and how grainy it looked, turned me off and I returned it to the navy exchange the very next day. It was a total turn off. I love gaming, but I also enjoy web browing, watching netflix, youtube, daily stuff on my computer and I'm coming from a 2018 Macbook pro 15" that has a retina display so I got a bit spoiled. My wife even noticed the less of a quailty looking screen compared to my XG27VQ. I shopped around online, watched youtube, even went to bestbuy to look at various monitors and most of them were TN panels. I want to stick with the ASUS Rog line and thus, that's the type of monitor I was looking for. So I decided to just wait instead for the new COD monitor coming out.
I was looking online and saw the New ROG Swift PG258Q Call of Duty - Black Ops 4 Edition that will be coming out with the AH-IPS instead of TN which I'm looking at excitingly.

So I bought COD black ops 4 last night. I also played fornite for 2 hrs, bought COD black ops 4 last night on the and of course, with COD, I got the blue screen issue and the COD update fixed it somewhat. While playing these games on my PC and also testing it out on other highly intensive games, I had NO screen tearing or concerns. This monitor is running so well, that I forgot about gsync or just didnt care. I keep thinking, is an extra $300 worth the Gsync premium since my games that I play are running refresh rates over 100mhz? I took the PG279Q and PG348Q out of my shopping cart in best buy online and just played around with the XG27VQ more and so far, perfect. I haven't played games with PC's for a while until last month since I went from a PC guy in the 90s and early 2000s to Macs, now back in the game to PC alongside the xbox one X. My high resource intensive games are running buttery smooth with no problems. Now, is this going to be the same for everyone else? Probably not, but then again, it could be because I have a 1080 Ti which maybe making a difference. I was in the market for a second monitor to put it side by side, with one hooked up to my xbox one x and the PC hooked up to both of them obviously via displayport. After looking around, I may save myself some money to take advantage of a dual monitor set up and get another one of these XG27VQ monitors to match up current set up.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on these Asus Rog line freesync monitors with Nvidia GPUs, particularly 1080 Ti's.

Level 10
I only can say I can't afford monitor class I want and GSync.
From my perspective 2160p is must have 32-34"...
First one LG 43" I liked but than show up LG 32UD99-W.
That's 32" 2160p AH-IPS with HDR Support Freesync Monitor worth around 700$.

One nice and great gaming option if you are gamer who want to enjoy in 4K and 60fps is enough for you.