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My new Rig Keeps crashing :(

Level 7
Hi everyone, This is my first post in this forum so I should probably start with a hearty HELLO!

Now on to my issue. So I built this rig two weeks ago and I have not built my own PC before now. Although I have been a part of other builds in the past and I have read/watched videos and done a great deal of research on the matter. I went into this fully confident hat I could accomplish this build and I have had a mostly pleasant time.

However, my system keeps crashing. Let me go over the parts and what i have tried so you know better, where I'm at with this.

Maximus extreme vi mobo
Directcu ii 780gtx
Kingston 120gb hyperx SSD x2
Toshiba 2tb HDD
i7 4770k
G.skill ripjaws 2133mhz 8gb RAM
cooler master 1000w Silent pro m
Cooler master seidon 240 Rad (for the CPU)
Azza Genesis 9000 CASE
6 case fans plus 2 for the rad

Ok so at first I thought that it was heat, so I made sure the temps were ok, by going into the bios and by checking the AI suite data I was able to see the I wasn't even hitting 35c but the crashing persisted. So I did the standard tests Memtest86 and 3dmark. I used 3dmark bc the system often crashed while I was gaming and I wanted to see if a tough 3d render would cause the problem. In the long run I found that the system was going to crash no matter what I was doing. Streaming or typing or just in an idle. Sometimes it will crash right after I boot when nothing has happened yet. I have no overclock AT ALL I even turned off the turbo mode to be sure I was going to run as stable as possible. I have gotten the latest driver for my video card and I just did the Bios update from yesterday. Which was a rough process on its own and I had the system get caught in a loop of not posting and then resetting over and over. I had to unplug and reboot which seemed to go well with the screen saying i ROG1 updating and then i ROG 2 updating the it would boot again but still crashes....sigh. I could really use some help before I set this thing on fire in my yard like some buddhist monk.

Thanks in advance for ANY help or ideas.


Level 14
is the PSU new or is it old?
if it new you can RMA it, and then would either look over it or give you a new one.

Level 7
My retailer is Amazon, and my other pc is SO damn old that I'm not sure if it will really be a good test for this PSU but I am happy to try. the PSU in my old Dell PC is a 350w

Level 7
Brand new PSU @kkn

Level 10
That might be like starting you car with an AA battery, so I would not suggest you try.

Level 7
@ poco that is what I was thinking, plus Amazon is really good about returns. I will keep you guys posted on my progress.

Well I picked a Thermaltake 850w from the local store, and Installed it last night. I have been running the computer pretty hard and No crashes! If I had been running the other one I would have crashed 20 times by now. Thanks for all the help guys, remember...Friends don't let friends by Cooler Master Power Supplies.

Level 14
glad every thing is working well whit you now 🙂

Level 10
Cheers for the feedback Red Guy, it is nice to know the issue has been resolved.

"Friends don't let friends by Cooler Master Power Supplies."

I personally will never buy a thermaltake again as my last toughpower 1000w PSU lasted a few months before dying on me and talking out a HDD with it. The big burn in the PSU gave it away as being the culprit. That said it probably was not anything other than a faulty unit which can occur with any manufacturers unit. Most are made in the same factory anyway.

Level 40
Thermaltake is not on my list of PSU's to buy that is true.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.