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My Laptop boots very slow

Level 7

I bought the ASUS ROG G752VS(k) gaming laptop. i7 7700, 16GB Ram and a 1070 GTX. Winodws 10 Home

On Default it had 3 Harddisks (2 SSD which was setup as Raid 0) and a normal HDD.
Windows is installed on the Raid 0.

Next to my 5 year old Asus ROG it takes 4-5 times longer to boot up. My old Laptop, where Windows 8.1 is also installed on a SSD, takes 5-6 seconds to boot.
The new one needs 25+ seconds. Every kind of boot (cold, windows restart, etc).

I read lots of forums and advice's, but nothing helped so far.

The last thing what I did now, is to reset the Raid 0 formation and install Windows fresh on a single SSD. But its the same, it takes exactly the same amount of time.

I somehow see a bios issue here. According to the ASUS support i have the latest Bios installed (v 302).

Can please somebody help me out, its getting really frustrating. I like everything about this laptop. But the booting feels so wrong next to my 5 year old laptop.


Edit: Some typos.