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My Flow Build System Specs and Design Choices and Stats

Level 9

This is my build design.

Motherboard: Rog Strix B550-F Gaming. (This board can hold a newer processor down the line too,) so a 4th gen, and I'm on a 3rd gen.
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X. (A 3600 is like $99.99, and a 3600X is around $199.99, so I went with this, just to snatch five or so more frames per sec.)
Ram: Crucial Ballistix DDR4 3600 2x 8 GB sticks. I forget the timmings. They aren't on the packaging, but the part number is BLK2k8GB36c16U4B. I researched the timmings when I picked it, and it isn't on the QL list for the board, so still testing, but 3200 Mhz worked, so if I clocked into 3600, which it should, then I'll be golden, and not a lot of people can clock that high, and nobody is promising you anything, so it's luck and chance to get that high on a lot of configs, but I think my machine will pull it off, and easily.
Case: Musetex case with six ARGB lighting fans, but I only hooked up one of the ARGB on this board, and you can daisy chain them, but it's not suggested, so I only had one ARGB port, so I only used the front fans for that port, and it's working flawlessly, and all fans are running, because they use the old fan ports regardless, and the lighting is different, but it all glows off the other fans lighting anyways, so not a big deal.
This computer can also do gaming on the Oculus Quest, because the motherboard has the port for the Oculus on the back of it, but you need a 4.0 video card that's good to pull it off nicely.
Video card: Anything that can pull off 4k in most games will work for this build or lower.
I'm using a feature on this motherboard to get an OC, but it's not a real OC, but it's called Asus Performance Boost, so enable it, and it needs to be enabled on this build, and most people say disable it, but not on my build.
Use between a 600W power supply and an 850w, or 1k wat minimum if you're running more than one GPU.
This is a proven build, and this is what you can achieve with Asus Performance Enhancement without an actual OC. 
You run ram at 3600 Mhz, then run the processor at 3800 Mhz, which are both pretty much stock settings, then enable the Asus Performance Enhancement, which is why it's so cool to get these settings, and it's totally safe and solid, but make sure your fans are turned to high because the build requires it, and it generates more heat, but is totally safe, and most people can't hit these numbers, but that's the secret to the build, and it's my Flow build, but it's The Guneven's Flow build, and I'm The Guneven, along with Jnanislore, so both are aliases I've used over the years, and I'm a professional gamer/self-taught computer technician, and this is my own personal custom design and build I did for myself, and just an update, but I tested these settings, and they're solid.
This is a high-end cheap build, so that's what's so good about it, and it has good performance.