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My first build. Thought I would start here.

Level 7
The for sure thing I know is I am getting a asus mother board. (Not sure which model) and a i7 3.5gz. At least 8gb of ram. And the video card will be somewhere in the GTX line. 1250 Watt PS. My cap is 1700. Go nuts. (Oh, and also i left some stuff like the net card and sound card, don't know much so I was hoping you guys could give me some ideas)

Level 10
Hey There,

In my opinion I think you should look at fleshing your build out some more and perhaps reducing the power supply. 1250 Watts is a monsterous amount of power and more than likely way more than you need. If your from Australia then has a great list of parts which may give you an idea what your looking for which in turn will then help us advise you :).

Here is my build to help you and give you some ideas:
Case: Aerocool Predator
Motherboard: ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula
RAM: Corsair Dominator GT 2133 MHZ 16gb
CPU: AMD FX 8150
HDDS: 2x WD Caviar Black 2tb 1x WD Caviar Green 1 TB 1x Samsung 1TB
Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 680
Power Supply: Modular M850 (Coolermaster I think)
Optical Drive: DVD RW Drive
Sound Card: Creative XFI Titanium Fatal1ty Champion.

Hope this helps you 🙂

Level 14
the motherboards have built in network cards on them, i would try out the onboard soundcard before you buy a new one.
go for a 850w psu unless you are planing on runing sli in the future.
and it would be easyer to know where to look if you put your country in the location info in your profile. ( online shops for ex. )

Definitely agreed there you can save yourself a fair amount of money by dropping a sound card network card and get a lower PSU.

Network cards are rarely worthwhile these days as most Mobo's have gigabit Ethernet ports on them so unless you want to connect to multiple networks or have wireless on a desktop network cards are generally a waste.

Sound cards on the other hand will make a huge difference to your sound however you do need to get a good one which will set you back a fair bit so if your not that fussed over Audio then don't bother with one.

And like you have seen in my build I only run an 850w PSU so without SLI that is more than enough.

Level 10
Just to add to the "drop the PSU power" advice, I'm running a Crosshair V, Phenom II X6 1100t (OC@4ghz) 2x4Gb RAM @ 1900mhz, 2 HD 6870's in Crossfire, 4 HD's, 1 SSD, 1 optical drive, 7 fans, 1 pump (for the watercooling) all on a 750w Corsair with out any problems.