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Muh ASUS G30AB Desktop PC...

Level 9
..still kicking and breathing even after eight years? I purchased it in 2013 around Christmas time. 🙂

I wonder what kind of machine ASUS techies built... this potato would not die! :rolleyes:
I purchased Z370 mobo i5-8600K, RAM and stuff---but never got the chance to build that machine. I had to sell all the stuff at a very low/depreciated price. 😞

I must give ASUS 10 out of 10 for its DURABILITY aspect. Seriously, wow, ASUS does impress me. And, my next machine would certainly be from ASUS again! 🙂

Ma ma ma baker; this potato is still alive,
ma ma ma baker; but i know how to kill. i could build a new one! Muahahahahaha... 😄

Thanks for sharing!
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Level 13
I Had Issue With my G30AB Would Not Upgrade To W10 , kept rebooting

toronto699 wrote:
I Had Issue With my G30AB Would Not Upgrade To W10 , kept rebooting

Really? What could be the issue though? I remember Ralink WiFi PCie adapter to be the issue initially when performing upgrades(versions) on Windows 10. I used to unplug the card, perform the upgrade, and then put it back--but Microsoft fixed that long ago in 19xx something built. Now, it doesn't even need to be unplugged.

Well, I would suggest you to install Windows 10 using only LAN; when everything is installed(apps, updates etc.,) only then put the card back. You actually keep the card plugged; use it to get Windows 10 activated, upgraded, and then plug in LAN--so Windows sets the priority order correctly.

Windows 10 is easily supported on this machine. Well, if it had TPM, it would even work with Windows 11 given you've a GPU that support WDM 2.xx(and, mine does).

Cheers, 😮

Level 13
There Are A Few Post Form G30AB Owners That Could not Up Grade To W10 I Was Not The Only one , I Did Use LAN Not Wifi , I Sold It For Parts ,
Always Failed To install @ 70% Of Install , Then Would Keep rebooting .

Level 9
Weird. I never had issues with installation; even with various(mild-to-extreme) UEFI restrictions. It always installed just fine. I do miss one thing about Windows 8 OEM though. When resetting the PC; ASUS gave us the choice of a language; English Canada in our case. The Windows language, apps, spell checker all had just one English Canada language. Now, there's English United States and English Canada. Sometimes, the apps really cause issues because of having two languages. Other than that, everything is great. Apps are way better than Windows 8 Store platform.