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MotherBoard Asus RogStrix Z390-I No Working

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Hi all,

I'm building my first computer and I'm pretty confused. I suspect my motherboard is dead, and I would like the help of some experts to confirm.

I got a ROG STRIX Z390-I and the qleds aren't lighting up when I'm trying to boot it. I've stripped it back down so that the only components are:

Monitor connected through the Motherboard's display port

When I turn on the PSU, the multicolored LEDs on the side light up and fade between colors. However the q LEDs do not light up at all. The monitor remains in sleep mode. If I turn the monitor on it shows the predator logo and then goes to sleep. Pictures included:

1.) PSU headed towards CPU
2.) Another angle
3.) CPU power from PSU
4.) Motherboard power from PSU, also shows leds on the motherboard
5.) Q LEDs not lit up
6.) Everything
7.) Display port from Motherboard to monitor
8.) Monitor starting up
9.) Monitor no signal

I've checked the connections. Forgot to take a picture of the display port going into the monitor.

I was hoping to boot into bios so I could see what was wrong. I stripped this back down to the small set of components to remove variables, but the reason I started was because when I booted, the GPU didn't spin or light up, and the CPU heat sink fan didn't spin either.

Can you help me determine if either:

A: I did something silly
B: My board is DoA and I need to get a return

Thanks in advance!
What dedicated video card are you using? You said you hooked up the displayport to the motherboard, you're trying to use the iGPU, but you didnt show any pictures or list what video card you tried. The iGPU might not be working.
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Apr 2020

Thanks for the reply!

I bought an RTX 2070 Super. This one:

When I try to plug it in I still get no signal on the monitor, no q LEDS light up. Unfortunately there isn't another computer in the house for me to test components with.

1.) Overview
2.) Video Card power
3.) Video Card power 2
4.) Video Card power on PSU side
5.) Display port in video card
6.) Video Card to Motherboard connection, note the clip 'clicked' and is in the up position.
7.) Overview again.

I've tried connecting two different cables to the two different Video card power slots instead of one to both. I've also tried to connect the Video card to the different compatible 12V spots on the PSU.

What I'm really curious about is: what should the mother board look like when I turn it on? I would think that if I unplug everything the Q LEDs should show problems. I'm worried that because they don't turn on at all it means the motherboard is dead.