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Missing Screws

Level 7
Motherboard In Question: ASUS TUF Gaming B550M-Plus (No Wifi)
I'm aware that this motherboard is not a ROG-type, but I cannot get answers anywhere else but here. Let me explain why.

I purchased a motherboard a while back for my new build, and after installing most of what I had bought, I went to install my M.2 SSD drive under its respective heatsink. I slid the drive into the slot, but when I went to screw it into place, I noticed the small bag of screws and standoffs that normally come in the board's box, was missing. I know I didn't lose them, because I set each package next to each other, and I only opened each package that was needed for the parts I was installing at the same time.

I contacted ASUS about this directly, and after a week of radio silence from when they said I should hear back, I reached back out on the status of the screws and standoffs that were needed for my installment. They were quick to respond on that message, only to inform me "The part(s) requested are not available at this time, sorry."

You would expect I could just order a generic package of M.2 drive screws off Amazon, but to my knowledge, many MOBO manufacturers use various types of M.2 screws and standoffs that are included with each board type, and they are not universally applicable.

I have attached a URL for the board's page, it has an image on it which includes the screws and standoffs that I am referring to :
(I can't attach the image itself, because the "Insert Image" button doesn't allow PNG files, saving the image from the site sets it as a PNG, and using a converter only makes it have a blaring white background)

I would like to know how I can obtain these specific screws & standoffs through ASUS, because I've been growing impatient through several months of waiting. Surely there's a way ASUS can get these delivered to me, right? I mean, I'm not able to complete the build without them.

Level 8