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Memtest86 Errors on new ROG Ryzen 9 Build

Level 7
Hi All

First post on these forums! I have been working on a build based on the ROG CROSSHAIR X670E EXTREME. It's been really good but today I decided to run Memtest86 against my DRAM and I got a bunch of errors. I have attached a screen shot to this post. What is also interesting is that dmidecode (I am running Ubuntu 22.04 on this build) cannot detect the DRAM vendor (which is Vengance). The DRAM I got is meant to be fine with the new DDR5 based AMDs but perhaps there is some issue with the MoBo?

Any input or guidance would be appreciated. Also any MoBo UEFI settings I could play with to see if it helps?



Level 7
Hi Stephen,

Could you confirm that you enabled XMP or EXPO profile in the EUFI please?
How many slots are populated with RAM 2 or 4 - (if 4 usually you will have to drop the frequency a bit to get it stable)