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memory fans

Level 7
Anyone have thoughts about memory fans, that is, the fan that overlies the RAM chips themselves. I hooked one up from Crucial (DDR4, 3200Mhz) to an Z390-A and it runs really fast, over 3200 Hz. Not sure if it makes much difference though. Are memory temperatures reported somewhere?

Level 10
I think now they are not necessary. Before several years example X58 memory was much hotter then now.
Now I touch Dominator Platinum heatsink and they are same as body temp.

Level 12
I'm a fan of memory. I retain information and utilize my memory often, particularly at work and during wife related holidays such as birthdays, Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary, the firs day we met anniversary, the first time we kissed anniversary, the first time she gave me access to her fertilization canal anniversary and my home address. Memory is useful.

I'm just messing with you, I don't use my memory for any of these things. I record everything on my mobile phone, now.
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The Crucial Ballistix Mod Software reports temps. You can download it from Crucial.

AFAIK memory fans are unnecessary unless you are running watercooling in a tiny case with no airflow. Even then the main benefit is probably getting a bit of airflow over the VRMs, the ram itself is probably fine. Generally a HSF in a normal case will generate enough airflow to keep memory plenty cool enough.

If you try to push samsung b-die to high frequencies or low timing, then in prolonged test like 6h memtest it can start to spew out errors around hour 4-5. Due to increased heat. Other than that I don't think the fans are necessary.