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Maximus XII Formula or Hero thermals

Level 7
so I planned to build a more modern computer but have currently problems understanding the importance of thermals and how Vram realy works.
I end up with the decision making between the ROG Maximus XII Formula (Z490) and the ROG Maximus XII Hero (Z490).
I original planned to buy the formula, so I can practice when I upgrade in the future with custom loop builds, now I am unsure if the Formula can hold up with thermals when I run the boost on the i9-10850K and if it can reach it full potential.
The computer I build contains the Lian Li O11Dynamic XL, the Asus Ryujin 360 and 6 (Maybe 9) Corsair QL120 fans where I wanted to go for a push/pull build additional on the Ryujin AiO. I didn't planned to run the vram cooler build in the Ryujin because I read it can be very noisy.
The 10850K is said to reach 5,2GHz in turbo.
So my main question is, is it worth to go for the Formula which I can practice later on with the EKWB the Lian Li case and the Formula has to offer without losing a major of it potential, or is the Hero the save call here and I should practice in a different way? By now I am inexperienced with custom loop build.
The computer will be mostly used for 2K gaming, some photo editing and video rendering sometimes.
Does someone have already experience with it thermals without a custom loop?
Thanks for any feedback.